(Updated!) War of the Three Peaks (U28) – Housing News
(Updated!) War of the Three Peaks (U28) – Housing News

(Updated!) War of the Three Peaks (U28) – Housing News

(Updated!) War of the Three Peaks (U28) – Housing News
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The next mini-expansion is currently on Bullroarer for its 2nd preview. Let’s take a look at what’s new for home owners in Middle Earth!

Post Updated (10/8)

Pet & Mount hooks

The Curator now offers for barter Pet Bridles and Steed Harnesses for creating housing decorations from your skills.

Yes! Finally!! We will be able to trade tokens for Pet and Mount tokens from the Curator! It means that having to spend Mithril Coins will not be the only way to acquire these special decoration items any more.

And IMO, 2500 figments for a token is a really fair price !

New VIP item

If you’re VIP, you’ll be able to complete a quest for a War of the Three Peaks housing item. This item, once used, will teleport you to the next region’s main hub.

And yes, this item is awesome! Look for yourself!

Other new items I’ve been able to catch

The decoration NPC at the Eyes & Guard Tavern has new items available.

We don’t know yet know how/when these will be available to us (probably reputation rewards and instance/raid loots) but we can still preview them!

There are three new music boxes for the next region, a really nice dwarven chest that can be opened and floor surfaces!

We will also be able to acquire a Stable-Master’s Stand item.

This decoration was already on Bullroarer over the summer. When used, it will allow you to summon a stable master from where you will be able to travel from your own yard to the major hubs of Middle Earth.

There are a few versions of the Stable Master’s Stand, based on race and other things. We don’t yet know how we will be able to acquire them but my guess is it will be related to the LotRO Store and/or figments of splendour vendors.

Filbert Fig

This Figment of Splendour barterer will be back with U28! And he has 3 new deco items for you.

Click here to see what Filibert Fig has in his bags.

That’s all for today but I will update this post if I see something new in the next Bullroarer preview!! Stay tuned!

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