U23 Sneak Peak : New decoration items !
U23 Sneak Peak : New decoration items !

U23 Sneak Peak : New decoration items !

U23 Sneak Peak : New decoration items !

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Update 23 will soon be ours !

As you probably know, Update 23: “Where Dragon Dwell” is currently on Bullroarer and it will take us on new adventures in the Iron Hills and the Grey Mountains.

Two places under the influence of the dwarves of Middle-earth, and after a first round on the test server, I am able to show you some decos’ that I could acquire here and there.

Note: at the moment I only have some of the new items. In addition, some decorations can also be hidden after some quests or deeds that I did not perform.
Consider this as a work in progress !
Note 2: As always on the Bullroarer server, decorations can change a little before hitting live servers !

Post updated – 09/26

Dwarves of Erebor (New tier) 
– Full list –

Dwarves of the Grey Mountains
– Full list – 

Grey Mountains & Iron Hills – Audio book ♦
Updated (9/22)uncomplete full list – 

♦ Motes/Embers/Loot box ♦
New – ? –

Grey Mountains – Instance Tokens
– Soon… – 

♦ Quests & Achievements ♦
– … –

Have fun !

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