“Design is not making beauty, beauty emerges from selection, affinities, integration, love.” – Louis Kahn

Housing Week in Middle-Earth, 8th of its name, has just ended and it is time for me to present the full list of participant houses.

I want to remind you, once again, that these houses, despite their non-selection, are all great! Despite all of my efforts to remain as objective as possible a degree of subjectivity is always present when critiquing art.

At times it was necessary to rely on my own feelings and dispositions when making choices about the selection. 🙂

This article is made up of two parts:

  • A complete list of the participant homes and their addresses (including game client language)
  • Pictures of the best ideas I saw during my visits




Falathlorn Homesteads

  • Only One – 2, Waterbank Road, Runellin (English)


Cape of Belfalas Homesteads

  • Gluexmarkt – Tôl Falthui, Arthellam (English)


Shire Homesteads

  • Flower Emporium – 4, Brookbank Street, Twigwarren (English)
  • Dorren Stouthelm – 4, Myrtle Court, Buxton (English)


Cape of Belfalas Homesteads

  • Wisdom of the Valar – Tôl Lochu, Arthellam (English)


Falathlorn Homesteads

  • Sleeplesskinights – 7, Fairwood Lane, Dol-E-Guil (English)

Bree-Land Homesteads

  • Legion of Yule – 9, Chestnut Road, Ruthwood (English)


Bree-Land Homesteads

  • Les Protecteurs d’Eriador – 9, Chestnut Road, Bornehavre (French)


Bree-Land Homesteads

  • Zeed’Logistics – 8, Long Street,  Broncines (French)

Shire Homesteads

  • Les Peuples Libres – 4, Myrtle Court, Saintemotte (French)
  • Les Bons Vivants – 2, Chalk Road, Plubas (French)

Thorin’s Hall Homesteads

  • La Taverne de la Chope Argentée – 2, Frothing Road, Mimshol (French)

Cape of Belfalas Homesteads

  • Les Gardiens d’Arda – Tôl Lochu, Muingar (French)
  • Sanguis Argentum – Tôl Lochu, Haradrond (French)

Best Ideas

Here is some screenshots from those unselected houses.

D&Co du Milieu


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