Housing Week in Middle-Earth #10 – Results
Housing Week in Middle-Earth #10 – Results

Housing Week in Middle-Earth #10 – Results

Housing Week in Middle-Earth #10 – Results
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You’ve waited patiently and here they are !

After a week and a half of visits and votes, it is time to present the results of the 10th edition of Housing Week in Middle Earth !

Again I would like to thank all of the participants for this competition. Whether you were chosen for the final round or not, I hope you decide to participate again in future contests.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank my wonderful members of the jury who have accompanied me for this contest, again ! :).


I gathered all the data and there were a total of 136 in the ballot box. Congratulations and thank you again !

As a reminder, the final score for each house is obtained by the average weighted score of the public (70%) and the jury (30%). The jury, alone, designates the winner of the Jury Prize: “Host of Middle-earth”.

The results

Without further ado, here are the top five :

# 5 – Laurelinarien

Audience average: 6.74 – Jury average: 7.63 – Final score: 7.01


“Here we see how to use architecture to create an original decoration. And we see how to create awesome spaces with those decorations. Snow-themed exterior is also really great.”


“The tower, which is sometimes difficult to decorate, is gorgeous and it has been a long time since I have seen a Lossoth decoration so well used in the yard.”

# 4 – Fanfair

Audience average: 6.321 – Jury average: 8.625 – Final score: 7.0122


“A garden filled with as many trees, flowers and tents as one could wish for, all well harmonized with the style of the Eastfold houses. It’s really beautiful and very alive! Special mention to the “greenhouse”, what an original idea! The interior is stunning, again, what an originality! Each room in the house has its own atmosphere (I particularly liked the Shelob room, brr, very successful) and the decorations are cleverly placed to block certain rooms and so save space. A beautiful creative spirit, bravo!”


“What you did with the Shelob statue inside your house in just scary and awesome !”

# 3 – Chlorina

Audience average: 6.536 – Jury average: 8.125 – Final score: 7.0124


“A description that make every hobbit feel good 🙂 A wooded and flowered garden as I like it, magnified by its two magnificent statues which might throw some people off! It’s not every day that we cross Anarion and himself to make a high five, it’s very nice! I liked very much the inside of the house, full of good ideas (in particular the closing of the basement which allows to full the rest of the house). Special mention to the flowered barrels at the entrance that I found really very successful!”


“Undeniably the two statues of Anarion at the entrance are awesome. Same applies to the floral arrangement at the entrance of the house, the chapel upstairs, and the layout of the bedroom.”

# 2 – Noodly

Audience average: 7.15 – Jury average: 7.63 – Final score: 7.29


“My favorite ! The whole house and garden is faithful to the description (very tempting by the way), and very original! I really liked the garden, and, having seen it at night, the effect is even better. We really feel as though we are at the entrance of a mysterious hut on the edge of a forest… And the interior also keeps its promises! A very successful atmosphere without falling into the usual thing of houses on the theme of horror. There are some very good decoration ideas, such as the Palantir in the hobbit snow globe which is just perfect (I hate myself for never having thought about it!), or even the “vampire” sleeping in the sarcophagus. The lab is also very nice, you really feel like you’re in a “real” witch house (and I won’t spoil the disgusting surprise in the attic :)). Congratulations to you, originality and taste, bravo, I just love your house!”


“Really liked what you did in your yard, which all makes sense in a Rohan house. The inside is also gorgeous with a lot of creative ideas!”

# 1 – Blythe

Audience average: 7.33 – Jury average: 7.38 – Final score: 7.34


“A bucolic garden, almost perfect, a great success! We feel in the house and in the barn a great sense of celebration. Bottles and barrels are waiting for you.”


“A magnificent garden, with trees and flowers! The colors are very harmonious and the effect is very welcoming! All that I love, the perfect autumn garden! My crush 🙂 The bar in the barn is ably magnificent, special mention to the originality of the barrel in the throne. The house is very warm, full of good ideas (especially the furniture on the landing, it’s simple but devilishly successful), almost alive. The small flat on the bottom room is a little empty, it would have deserved to be completely closed I think.”


“Each piece is very well done with beautiful sets and an identity that emerges. The tavern is perfect.”


“Awesome yard! What you did in the barn is also really great. Really liked the creative ideas in there (great use of the Throne of Rohan). The main house is great, it all makes sense. And the bedroom is just gorgeous! Congratulations!”

I extend my congratulations to the winners of the 10th bi-annual Housing Week in Middle Earth :).

Jury Prize

Finally, the Jury Prize, which goes to the home with the most beautiful yard.

We decided to award this prize to Himeriya.

“The exterior is wonderful, with these little pets welcoming you at the entrance.”

“Yard is gorgeous with a great use of the available space. Congrats!”

The rewards :

(Blythe didn’t want the Xpac, so this reward goes to Noodly)

You’ll receive your rewards later today !

And so end this edition of Housing Week in Middle Earth.

Thanks everyone !

D&Co du Milieu

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