#8 – Grammarians of Seirian Rhain
#8 – Grammarians of Seirian Rhain

#8 – Grammarians of Seirian Rhain

#8 – Grammarians of Seirian Rhain

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Address : 8, Haven Way

Neighborhood : Gundalaf – Falathlorn Homesteads

Language & Server : English – Brandywine

A few word from the homeowner: 

“Welcome to the University of Gúndalaf in Brandywine, founded by the Grammarians of Seirian Rhain! Here, nestled in the heart of Ered Luin, you will find a great center of learning and scholarly research. Feel free to wander the campus which looks out over the entire homestead among the flowering cherry blossoms.

As you come up the path you will notice scientific instruments for the study of light and the heavens and old cultural and architectural remains painstakingly brought from distant lands for study. There is also a department at the university, for the study of agricultural practices around Middle Earth and you may find that walking through the wheat field is quite relaxing.

Enjoy the flowers, have a drink of water from the well, wash your face and hands if you are dusty from long travel, and come inside for a look at this great but welcoming institution!

As you enter the foyer you may feel as if you are in some old chapel. The oldest room of the university may indeed have been used as such in some distant past. Take your time studying the beautiful stained glass, admiring the workmanship of the dragon-plaques, or browsing one of the ancient tomes. The paintings of Moria will remind all who enter that the path to knowledge in Middle Earth can be dark and dangerous but the rewards are great!

As you turn left and make your way down the hall you may notice the sound of bells signaling the beginning of a class or the start of a weekly seminar. In the Main Hall you will find the center of activity at the university. In front of you stand cultural resources from afar on display. These are sometimes removed for study. On your left, upon the rise, is the Debate and Lecture Hall. Sit and listen as visiting scholars debate important matters of scholarship. Behind the lecture hall is the Dean’s Office. Stop in and say hello.

To the right of the entrance you may sit for a drink and a bite to eat in the Student Union! Scholars enjoy fun and friends as much as anyone and a hungry mind must be well fed. As you may notice, however, a book is never far. The thirst for knowledge is (almost) as great as the thirst for wine and ale!

Continuing on, in the back corner of the Hall you will find the Library and Study Room. Sometimes there are seminars in here but usually it is free for students to use as a quiet study area. Feel free to sit and get some reading or writing done.

Lastly, in the small room in the back, you will find the Research Lab. Numerous faculty and students use this area and you may as well. Conduct your own research at the Study!

Moving back through the Main Hall and the Foyer, to the right of the entrance you will find the small but welcoming Alumni Clubroom. This is where the gifts and donations of past students are kept, and where they can come to see old friends again. Stay and speak with a sentimental scholar here if you have the time.

Lastly, make your way up the stairs to the top of the tower which looks out on three sides. To the right you will find a classroom. The cabinets in and out of the class house books, papers, quills, and other tools used for teaching. Sit in on a class if one is being held, or simply study the maps. Notice the White Tree of Gondor… or is it the tree of knowledge? The scholars at the University of Gúndalaf are not afraid to pluck the fruits of such a tree, no matter what hard truths it bears.

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