#4 : Elainos

#4 : Elainos
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Address : 3 Chalk Road

Neighborhood : Cornacre – Shire Homesteads

Language & Server : English – Gladden

A few word from the homeowner: 

“When you enter Cornacre, take a right and follow the path to 3 Chalk road, the second house on the left.

The owner of this lovely little hobbit hole is a hardened Elf champion from Lorien, named Elainos. Not much is known of her, only that her adventures take her to the far reaches of Middle Earth where she faces countless evils, always victorious. Throughout all of the darkness she endures on her travels, when she yearns most for the comforts of home – it’s here in the hills of the Shire that her heart feels light and whole again.
The sounds on crisp mornings, feeding and tending lovingly to her animals in the yard. Listening to hobbit music while sharing a bowl of fresh picked berries with her house badger, Honey. The wonderful smells of cooking fresh food in her kitchen, always with the best ingredients and using recipes from her massive collection taken from every corner of the land! Her bedroom, adorned in elvish so as to honor her birth place. Sometimes, she likes to use the floor hatch by the bathroom door to head down to the hole beneath hers, belonging to long time adventurer and friend, for darts and drinks! Other times, you might find her sitting in her darkened corner office, pondering….lost in thought about some far off place. Maybe, she thinks about what to do with the baby dragon she keeps in the side room. This strange room she calls her ‘Lake of Gold’ and it is absolutely filled with treasure. It’s always freezing cold though, and there’s an odd arrangement of ships with a sea monster she calls ‘Ogopogo’.
Some even say, you might catch a glimpse of the dwarf spirit that inhabits the old fireplace…if you wait long enough…I don’t go in there but you may if you dare.

So, on behalf of Elainos (she is off on one of her many adventures), acting as her accountant (the Banker), house caretaker and personal friend, let it be known that the doors are open and all are welcome to visit!


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  1. Imladrien

    I loved the story. I LOVED the “Lake of Gold Room”. I loved the little hidden surprise (But, no spoilers). But, what I loved most is your creative use of the Ornate Lorien Table as part of the light fixture. Amazing!

  2. Shatterbone

    Agreed! Besides the baby dragon , there were a lot of very clever placements of items. Functional, logical placements. And even though I don’t like the red elf furniture, here it works and is harmonious. One of my favorite homes. 🙂


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