#4 : Demeure de Lydianor
#4 : Demeure de Lydianor

#4 : Demeure de Lydianor

#4 : Demeure de Lydianor

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Housing Week Contest #5


Note : This contest took place back at a time when the English version of the website did not exist, therefore I offer here a quick translation (Google Translator is used, sorry!).

Theme: Elven House

Address : 4, Garden Street
Neighborhood : Jalletraie – Bree-Land
Language & Server : French – Sirannon

A few word from the homeowner: 

Although living in the neighborhoods of the Bree Country, Lady Lydianor has built a small corner of peace and tranquility for members of her race.
You will be welcomed in an average house in the flower garden, at the end of the street, not far from a small pond. You can sit in the grass and enjoy the sounds of nature: the small buzzing of bees foraging the flowers to the sweet song of birds, the delicate breath of the wind at the gentle rolling wavelets … a perfect place for relaxation and of meditation. You will not want to come home, and yet something suggests that the interior is just as welcoming.
You will push the door and you will find out of sight for a few moments … a sweet smell of flowers will take you nostrils, soothing you. The owner has left you a note: “Here is a place for relaxation and knowledge, please remove your shoes, put down your weapons, put on your headgear and your coat.You can read but be sure to store the book in the location I have left everything necessary for you to eat. ” The colorful walls leave a sweet impression of heat, put your business friend, you are here at home. There are some maps on the walls, paintings and tapestries … in the middle of the room is a meal that seems to have been prepared just for you and a pitit koton will welcome you … hot bread, tea emitting a sweet aroma, a small companion with a silky coat … everything is there. Your curiosity will push you to approach the fireplace … and if the owner is there? No, she’s not here, but you’ll see a little cat purring softly and a book lying on the seat. If you return the book, you probably will not understand anything: it is an elvish book.
Your path will then take you to the office: you will find maps and documents of all kinds … And books! Many books ! They talk a little about everything: war, lineage, fairy tale … this place is a real library. You will be able to find what you are looking for from a reading point of view.
And … like! If you were going to the room … you would take advantage of your guest’s absence to visit the last room and … it was not your surprise. You arrive in a comfortable room. There is still a book lying on the red chair not far from an umpteenth library. The room is beautifully decorated, an elven style bed in the back. There are several garlands of flowers as well as wreaths. Everything is here comfortable here … You’ll have a hard time leaving and the intoxicating smell of flowers may make you sleep by the fire or … who knows on the bed of the host (vile squatter)!
Why the elven theme? Already because the house belongs to an elf! And then, although the decorations are not all of Elvish origin, that’s what best fits what I did. Library, flower garden … well, it’s up to you to judge!

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