#11 : Rukes Bartleby
#11 : Rukes Bartleby

#11 : Rukes Bartleby

#11 : Rukes Bartleby
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Address : 3 Bay Road

Neighborhood : Fen Meren – Belfalas Homesteads

Language & Server : English – Landroval

A few word from the homeowner: 

“Hello, my name is Rukes Bartleby.
You may know my brother Bert Bartleby, who roams Middle-Earth rewarding friends of Bingo Boffin’s with interesting items. I am also the kinship leader of Legion of Yule, a kinship dedicated to distributing anonymous gifts during the Yuletide Festivals.
Our new kinship house is at 5 Bay Road, just up the hill from my home, and you are welcome to visit while you’re in the Fen Meren neighborhood. Well, I get really tired of all of that sweetness and light nonsense my kinship members are into. Really, it can just make a person gag. So, my home reflects my more exciting interests. Please feel free to light all of the fireplaces and candles, set the brazier alight, collect a cool friend, and have a brew. Oh, and the upstairs party area is usually by invitation only, but you may enjoy imagining how interesting our parties can be. Until, of course, someone escapes out of a window. Or loses their head and limbs, as some of my more permanent guests downstairs have done. Welcome to my home. <bow>


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One comment

  1. Imladrien

    I love the double stained glass windows, that make it look like a triple window. The Dwarf bed is fantastic. The “altar” is great, especially with the stained glass behind. I love your fireplaces!


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