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Hello everyone and welcome to D&Co du Milieu, LotRO’s Housing Database.

Howdy !
First, let me introduce myself. People call me “Oay” or “Yao” and I am a little hobbit, living in the Shire and exploring Middle-Earth online (see “About” page).

A few years ago, I decided to create a website (in French) in order to list every single decoration item that you can find in-game.

A year and a half later, I managed to photograph and upload more than 850 items.

Today a new adventure begin : to try to translate my work in the language of Shakespeare.
And I must warn you : my English level is not what it once was …

Currently, 700+ decoration items (Housing Furnishers & Spring Festival) are online (English version) and there is still a lot of work in order to achieve the same number as the French one (900+).

I have no ambition to translate the whole (french) website in English, but I certainly intend to translate any of the database, as well as a few posts, but also, sometimes, offer you some contests I already proposed in French.

Very quickly, you will also discover the first “international contest” I have to offer you.

I also encourage you to visit the French version (just click on the French flag) for the latest News on the game (Google translation is your friend).

Finally, feel free to report any bug you may find on the website, but also any translation or grammar mistake.  “Contact” section and comments are made for it (among other things).

Thank you all, and on these pretty words, I still have 800 decoration items to add to the English database…

Back to work!

D&Co du Milieu

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Explorer of unexplored places and collector of decorations, Yao offers you a whole range of items brought from the four corners of Middle Earth. If you like what I do, or I’ve helped you in some way please consider buying me a coffee.

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