U34 Housing Preview – New Deco Items
U34 Housing Preview – New Deco Items

U34 Housing Preview – New Deco Items

U34 Housing Preview – New Deco Items

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Update 34 is on Bullroarer; let’s see what’s new about housing!

Bullroarer opened its doors again this week with a preview of the Before the Shadow mini-expansion pack (U34) which should be on live servers on November 8th.
With this expansion, we’ll discover 2 new areas, and we’ll have a bunch of new missions, a new delving system for these, a new skirmish, and a new instance to explore too.

And of course, we’ll be able to barter a loooooot of new housing items (300+?, still counting…).

Since there are so many new items, I won’t be able to show every single decoration item coming with the xpac in the preview posts.

Last week, we focused our preview on the new Decorative Floors & Stairs items ( → U34 Housing Preview – Decorative Floors & Stairs).

Today, let’s focus on Cardolan & Swanfleet new barterers and what they have for us in terms of housing items.

Dúnedain of Cardolan – Reputation Barterers

This new reputation barterer comes with a loooot of Arnorian styled housing items. 

Note: non-exhaustive list!

Delving Reward Vendors

With the new delving system comes a new barterer! And he has a lot of new items for us too. 

Note: non-exhaustive list!

Before the Shadow – Mission Barterers

And of course, with new missions added, new rewards are coming from the Mission Barterers.

Note: non-exhaustive list!

So, as you can see, we will get a lot of new Arnorian housing items with this update. 

This preview doesn’t show items that may come from quests and instances/skirmishes chests. 

In the meantime, I also want to let you know that I spotted a few new items in the database that will be available for Figments of Splendour in the near future. So be ready to say goodbye to Filbert Fig soon(ish). 

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