The X-Creator’s Selection
The X-Creator’s Selection

The X-Creator’s Selection

The X-Creator’s Selection

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On your mark, get set, GO !

3 weeks after the competition has opened, I am pleased to share my selection with you.

It is with great pleasure that I discovered all of your 12 creations, all more original than the others! Right now, I want to congratulate everybody. Thanks for sharing your ideas with us and thank you for taking the time to imagine all this. “Bravo”!

I therefore, in my soul and conscience selected 10 creations that I preferred, and here we go :

My Selection

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#1 – Khaotil
The canopy bed: “Blue Sleep”

Creator’s description : “After the success of the canopy bed (“Red Bouquet”), here is a new high-end bedding that will delight all lovers of elegance.
The “Blue Sleep” blends with subtlety and finesse the Gondorien and Elvish styles, in shades of white, blue and dark wood, creating a calm atmosphere conducive to rest. In addition, its lanterns included in the composition will be perfect for those who are afraid of the dark!
So do not wait any longer and order it now, whether you live in the county or the country of Bree, you will make your neighbourhood pale with envy! “

#2 – Maewarviel
Aladdin’s Meal

Creator’s description : “Bear on a flying mat that drinks tea surrounded by a fireplace and a table.”

#3 – Ithilneth
The Water Room

Creator’s description : “In the center of a room bathed in light, throne a piece of water inviting for relaxation and reflection. A slight flow of air gently undulates the reeds and lilies, gently balming the atmosphere with a caressing smell. The models are lazy, small offspring of their proud model probably sailing on some unknown sea. It’s all quiet. You think you hear a distant harp, but perhaps it’s just the lapping of the water, the tender rhythm of the drops dancing against the earthenware. You’re breathing deeply. Your problems seem to be soaring, carried away by the ambiance of this aquatic Eden. You’re well.”

#4 – Kufkhell
Knowledge of the world

Creator’s description : “Pile of Books of Mordor and the northern bastions.”

#5 – Orolhion Martelame
The Forbidden Library

Creator’s description : “All knowledge is not necessarily to put in all hands.
You who come to seek knowledge, be prepared to undergo the judgment of his guardians.

#6 – Khelsi
Drinking between ursids

Creator’s description : “Do you realize what she told me? “I leave you, Brandon’s got a brighter hair than you.” And she left, just like that!
-It’s tough, dude…
-Take a shot, drinks are on me! You’ll find another one!


#7 – Gamleth
Filled Fireplace

Creator’s description : “For once I decided to do something that did not have a direct link with Rohan.
It is therefore a fireplace decorated by myself on which you can find elements of the distant Gondor – from one of my trip in those lands – rohirric decorations (the minimum required), some flowers of seasons that delicately colour your eyes and odorent your nostrils pleasantly. And to complete, decoration is composed of all the comforts that one may wish: something to drink, to eat, to read, to learn and to rest.

#8 – Wodson
Scholar’s Lounge

Creator’s description : “A small living room designed to keep a maximum of books close to you, while having an office to study and another to experiment things. Some works of taxidermy to complete, adding a small “Cabinet of curiosities” touch !”

#9 – Guthren
All on stage!

Creator’s description :

“* A familiar voice rises *
– What is that?
-This my friend is a pint!
– It comes in pints ? I’m getting one!

“Beautiful star Traveller, host that arrives to us; From the depths of the sky and we were not waiting, where are you going? What is the purpose of your steps?
The season has passed, but you miss the pints, the feasts and the “gracieusetés”? The country ball begins, music resonates; The beer and the trays already offer cakes. Casks, foods, everything is available and abundant! He even says in secret that Hibernaville Actors repeat in these places and elaborate their next play!”

#10 – Nisha Patel
A Nook for the Jocular Scholar

Creator’s description : “A corner of the world dedicated to the student of humanist and magical studies.”

Votes / Jury

The members of the jury are: Edward (LesFuretsduGondor), Kaels (LotRO JeuxOnLine) and myself!
Voting rules are simple: one vote per person, one score out of 10 and may the best wins.
You have until 04/22/2018 (Sunday, 23:59) to vote and elect “The X-Creator“.
Results will be announced at the beginning of next week.


Good luck,
D&Co du Milieu

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