The X³-Creator’s Selection
The X³-Creator’s Selection

The X³-Creator’s Selection

The X³-Creator’s Selection

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On your marks, get set, GO!

Today, now that a few weeks have passed since the competition opened, I am pleased to share my selection with you.

It was with great pleasure that I discovered each of your 32 creations to be more original than the last! Right now, I want to congratulate everybody. Thanks for sharing your ideas with us and thank you for taking the time to imagine all this. Bravo!

I, therefore, in my best conscience selected the 20 creations that I most prefer. Here we go:

My Selection
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#1 – Abidan

“Palantíri Tracker”

Creator’s description:
“This is my version of a “Palantíri Tracker”, basically using Saruman’s Palantir to try and locate some of the lost Seer Stones. ”

#2 – Adylsu

Creator’s description:

#3 – Elainos

Creator’s description:
“It’s a dartboard! Come, have some drinks, shoot some darts and hang with friends! Equipped with a scoreboard for some friendly competition. Or enter the drinking contest for a chance to win your name on the Glorious Beer Mug trophy, if you can hit the bullseye drunk as a hobbit downing pints in the Green Dragon!! ”

#4 – Eorlthain

Creator’s description:

#5 – Gropardieu

Creator’s description:
“No, you’re not dreaming… Maison Durefer is proud to present its latest spa model, designed entirely for YOU. With its IMMENSE tank with a capacity of more than 1000 LITER (WAHOU!) And its heating system INCLUDED, you are sure to be able to RELAX at any hour and any minute! (what a CHANCE!) So don’t hesitate to shower it (LAUGHTER) and take the first step to jump into the bath! (APPLAUSE)”

#6 – Gudva

Creator’s description:

#7 – Haflith

Creator’s description:
“A poorly-conceived and -executed facsimile of a boat. Evident in its constituent parts and symbolic motifs is its Gondorian make; why the wealthy and ocean-savvy people of coastal Gondor would craft a vessel so manifestly unseaworthy, however, can be known only to them. The shipwrights responsible for this scantly-dignified raft chose, intrepidly, to forgo attaching a traditional (and contemporary) wooden steering wheel in favor of a sort of mounted seeing-stone. One can but hope that this perplexing substitution might afford a helmsman additional control of his craft enough to compensate for the embarrassingly deficient manoeuvrability its construction could normally permit. ”

#8 – Khaotil

Creator’s description:
“Here’s what happens when your gardener tosses your seeds and bulbs into the pond to get rid of them! I swear, quality staff is getting harder and harder to find these days!”

#9 – Laurelinarien

“Escape from Felegoth!”

Creator’s description:
“”Escape from Felegoth!” The first pics show a few pesky dwarves fleeing the Halls of Thranduil after tapping their barrels and refusing to pay (they didn’t think it was worth it to pay for the King’s wine!)”

#10 – Lillira

“Gladden’s Witchy Brew”

Creator’s description:
“Gladden’s Witchy Brew: Double, double toil and trouble; Water’s churn and caldron bubble. For this dish of evil make, In the caldron boil and bake; Eye of orc with extra hair, Head of wight and tongue of bear, Fungal mass and poisoned thing, Shadow’s toe and storm crow’s wing, To catch a sight of powerful scare, Enter 1 High Road, Fasham … if you dare. Double, double toil and trouble; Water’s churn and caldron bubble. Cool it with beorning blood, Then the charm is firm and good. ”

#11 – Ned

Creator’s description:
“Candlelit Jacuzzi with bear, beer and pretzel. After a long day of hard work in Middle-earth, what could be more relaxing than a jacuzzi? Lodge atmosphere with this bear jacuzzi (real natural skins, made in Bree). Enjoy a delicious beer and a tasty pretzel at the same time, in a very relaxing subdued atmosphere. Delivery time: around 7-8 weeks.”

#12 – Piandao

Creator’s description:

#13 – Razorblade

Creator’s description:
“A crazy voodoo flying-moose-bear witch doctor and his batty assistant, selling dangerous poisons, potions, and concoctions for the low low price of 3 easy payments of 300 silver, your soul, and your firstborn child. ”

#14 – Shadowtom

“The Throne of Reflection”

Creator’s description:
“Sit upon the dwarven throne, carpeted with a Large Red Rug for your convenience, listen to the Singing bowl of Tauralindalë, read from the Chronicle of the Third Age – a book that among many things, contains all of the many adventures that you have been on, and then gaze upon the Reflection Pool and watch as your own adventure play out infront of your eyes, lit by 20 old candles atop 5 Long Burning Candlestands… Just make sure the throne is empty first ;)”

#15 – Sulakhat

Creator’s description:

#16 – Teberda

Creator’s description:
“Just a little cave :)”

#17 – Tres

“Infinity Pool Water”

Creator’s description:
“Still. Reflective. Transparent. Am I a shadow on the surface? Or does the water bid me look deeper? Life Giver.”

#18 – Tripwire

Creator’s description:
“Pleasant pheasants in their nearly natural habitat. ”

#19 – Wyld

Creator’s description:
“Colorfully whimsical modern art.”

#20 – Yadoc

“Radagast Bedroom”

Creator’s description:
“Radagast bedroom at the Cap du Belfalas Residences: Radagast the Brown has a room in an inner courtyard of the Cap du Belfalas. His bed is under a maple tree where hangs a chandelier allowing him to light up at night, while a ladder allows him to climb into his bed. The hedgehogs Oliver and Olivia and the honey badger live under the bed. And of course, his friends, the birds live in nest boxes at the feet of the bed. As a bonus, a video presentation: see on Youtube.

Votes / Jury / Rules

I am pleased today to announce the 3 members of the jury I selected for this contest.
The members of the jury are:

The voting system:

  • Each creation is given an average score from 1 to 10 made up of the public’s and the jury’s votes.
  • The weighting is as follows: 30% for the jury’s votes, 70% for the public’s.
  • The rewards are listed here.

The rules:

  • You have until Sunday, April 5th at 11:59pm EDT time to vote and elect “The X³-Creator.
  • You can rate each creation anything from 1 to 10.
  • You can vote for one or more creations; there are no restrictions.
  • One vote per person (I’m watching you :p!).

You may vote for yourself if you like.
Results will be announced as soon as is possible after April 5th.

Play fair!

  • Votes like “I give myself a 10 and everyone else a 1” will be refused. You may give yourself a 10, but votes which intentionally attempt to damage the average scores of other creations will not be counted.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!

Vote –

Results are being edited. Coming soon !

Good luck,
D&Co du Milieu

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