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Shire Homesteads

Shire Homesteads

Welcome to the Shire homesteads.


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The Neighborhood:

With light hills, lovely greenery, and a peaceful river flowing down from a beautiful waterfall, the Shire Homestead has a pastoral feel that is perfect for those looking for a peaceful life in the countryside.

Whether you want a secluded home in the middle of a field or on the banks of the river, or one near the town square, there is something for anyone who wants to enjoy the life of a hobbit.

The Town Square:

In the Shire Homestead’s town square you will find an open market with fruits and vegetables from around the Shire along with a banquet area under a giant oak tree, a Party Tree of sorts! Also close by is an island with a stage and dock.

The Michel Delving Festival Committee will put on various shows here from time to time.
Inside the Neighborhood House you will find various suppliers and the vault-keeper, all of whom are very friendly and helpful!


A quick trip by horse is available from the Michel Delving stables. You can also visit the homestead by quickly cutting across some fields west of Michel Delving.

  • You’ll find the Housing Broker’s Office in Bree (across the street from the Bree-town Hall), allowing you to visit or purchase houses in any of the Housing areas throughout Middle Earth

U25.1 – A new Stablemaster has been placed in the social center of Housing neighborhoods that offers travel between a number of major travel destinations across Middle-earth and between housing homesteads.


Each neighborhood contains:

  • 16 standard houses
  • 10 deluxe houses
  • 4 kinship houses

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Standard houses:

Interior Hooks: 32
15 Wall
14 Furniture
2 Floor
1 Ceiling

+ surfaces, colors, music…

Exterior Hooks: 5
Enormous Yard
Huge Yard
1 Doormat

Deluxe houses:

Interior Hooks: 74
25 Wall
39 Furniture
6 Floor
4 Ceiling

+ surfaces, colors, music…

Exterior Hooks: 7
Enormous Yard
Huge Yard
1 Doormat

Kinship houses:

Interior Hooks: 119
48 Wall
51 Furniture
14 Floor
6 Ceiling

+ surfaces, colors, music…

Extérior Hooks: 12
1 Enormous Yard
2 Huge Yard
1 Doormat

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Updated – 12/29/2019