Share your Yule-Themed House!
Share your Yule-Themed House!

Share your Yule-Themed House!

Share your Yule-Themed House!
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Do you have a snowy-yule-themed house? We want to see it!

At this time of year, I know that some of you are working hard to create Yule-themed homes.

If you’ve spent a lot of time designing a new Yule/Snowy-themed house or redecorating one of your existing homes in the spirit of the season, I’d love to see it – I don’t think I’m the only one!

So, starting today and through the end of January, please consider sharing your Yule-themed homes with the community of decorators here.

To do this, simply:

  • Visit the Share your Home page
  • Add your Yule-themed house to the list by checking the “Yes” box below “Is it a Yule-themed house?” on the submission form
  • Your home will then be added to the primary list and marked by a

Note: If you have a house on this theme already on the list, leave me a comment (here or on the “Share your Home” page) with the relevant address so I can update its entry on the list accordingly.

I will personally visit each of these houses and create photo reports which I will publish at the end of February. Your best creations will be added to the Bazaar of Ideas.

Thank you all :).

Share your Yule-Themed House

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