Rohan Housing Preview #3
Rohan Housing Preview #3

Rohan Housing Preview #3

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Update : Rohan Housing on Bullroarer.

It has been nearly two months since Bullroarer was open and, I don’t know about you, but I was really starting to miss Rohan housing!

In case you missed it, here are the links to the first two previews :

So, you might be asking, what’s new this time around ??


Here are the new maps that accompany the two neighborhoods. Not too much to say about them except that they can give you a little idea of the organization of the estates.

« Fire Pit » Hook

In the first Previews we got our first look at the new « Columns » and « Light » decoration hooks. Well now we have a new « Fire Pit » hook inside the Meadhalls.

A « Fire Pit » hook is for a unique item only. There is only one such hook in a Meadhall, and none in the regular houses, which makes sense considering the size of the item.

Here are some example of « Fire Pit » items.

Note that we do not yet know how we will be able to obtain these items.

Mount Hooks

We finally have them ! « Mount » hooks. You can now put your horses on display.
Roughly 10 « Mount » hooks are available per house.

You choose the desired mounts from your inventory.
When you buy your Rohan house, tokens will be given to you (8 for Meadhalls, 5 for regular houses). These tokens will allow you to create the decoration items from the chosen mounts.

If you use up all of your tokens you can purchase more using Mithril Coins (price to be determined).

… and for your pets…. !

This system is not quite ready yet but you will also be able to create decorations out of your pets in the same way.
Tokens have already appeared in the game’s database and, although we do not yet know how to access them, it is possible to create « pet » decorations using Mithril Coins.

You will be able to put these « pet » items inside (Small Furniture) or out (Small Yard). I don’t know about you but this gives me a whole world of new ideas !


And finally, there were quite a few bug fixes made, as well as some polishing up of graphics details.

The plains neighborhood (Kingstead) is now slighly more discreet, while the Eastfold Neighborhood’s fence has seen some changes, among other things.

Well, that is all for today !

♦ Rohan Housing Preview – Summary ♦

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  1. This is all really interesting. With the latest version having been live on Bullroarer ahead of the release which is apparently next week, have you looked more?

    Can you decorate the cave in the Kingstead house?

    If you ‘mount’ a horse or a pet, can you still use it in-world, or does it remove that ability because you’ve essentially left it ‘at home’?


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