After a second week of testing on Bullroarer, let’s focus this time on decoration items & hooks.

As announced last week, Bullroarer (the test server) was open again this week.

Now that we’ve toured the two new neighborhoods in Rohan (release date TBA), we are going to focus on the various novelties in terms of decorations.

New Hooks!

As we saw seen last week, the arrival of the Rohan housing will be accompanied by new decoration hooks.

First is the “Lighting” hook, which we had the opportunity to explore last week.

And with this week’s update, there’s the new “Column” hook to discover.

Here is an overview of what you will be able to acquire to personalize the columns in your Rohan home:

New Surfaces

The test server also allowed you to see new surfaces for your walls and floors that may help you personalize your old or new homes a bit more!

New Items (Misc.)

I also had the opportunity to get my hands on many new furniture and ceiling decorations. Some are not pictured here because they were barely visible in this test version, but here is an overview of what I’ve been able to see:

To conclude this second overview, here is some little info gleaned from the forums and elsewhere:

  • The “Column” and “Lightinghooks are currently only present in the Rohan neighborhoods (and Scenario did not suggest that this could change).
  • The surface decorations presented above will be available mainly in the housing supplier shops in the old neighborhoods and those in Rohan (for gold/silver coins).
  • The “Lighting” decorations are available for coins from the dedicated vendor in the Rohan neighborhoods.
  • The other decorations presented here are not yet assigned, so we have no idea how (and when) they will be available in-game. They may not be released until later this year if they are linked to the LOTRO Store, Figments of Splendor, or temporary events.

That’s all for today!

=> Rohan Housing – Preview #3

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~ Yao
D&Co du Milieu


  1. Thank you again for the preview Yao.
    I would love it if they would add the “column” furniture slot to some of the old houses, especially Belfalas and Thorin’s Hall. I also hope they end up adding the lighting slots to all of the houses.

    What furniture slots do the “falling petals/ash” and the smoke and falling water decorations fit? I know exactly where I want to put some of those in houses I’ve already decorated.

    Some of those floor surfaces are BEAUTIFUL!!

      1. I had never seen those before, thank you so much! I knew there were rugs in game with the purple and gold squiggles, but I’d never seen full carpet before and I thought from your other post that it was a new addition in Rohan. Looks like I need to go back around and find all the housing sellers again.


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