Rohan Housing Preview #1
Rohan Housing Preview #1

Rohan Housing Preview #1

Rohan Housing Preview #1

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It was not announced, but Rohan housing was added to the latest version of Bullroarer.

I’ve made special post today to introduce you to the new Rohan housing neighborhoods to come later this year.
Bullroarer (the test server) opened this week for a full-scale test of the new raid to come. It was not in the release notes, but Rohan Housing was indeed released!

I did a tour of the different neighborhoods on offer, and I present this to you today!


Those who do not follow the official forums may have missed the announcement made by Scenario (World Builder) concerning the 2 new housing neighborhoods in Rohan. It is, in fact, 2 different places that will welcome you when the live update is released.

Each neighborhood has a town center which includes everything necessary necessary for a homeowner’s convenience: crafting stations, an auction house, a banker, task boards, furnishers, etc.

The Eastfold neighborhood

The first neighborhood, which I approach here, is located in the mountains southeast of Edoras. It is also accessible from Aldburg. The residences are all located high up and offer breathtaking views of the region.

This is a neighborhood that will appeal to many of you.

The Kingstead neighborhood

If you prefer the green plains of Rohan, this is the neighborhood you will probably choose. Here, we see the residences which are located northeast of Edoras.

This is a much flatter place filled with pretty Rohirric farms!


Each district has 10 different homes and a mead hall available for purchase.

Unlike in Belfalas, there are no “small” and “large” houses here. All the houses are roughly the same size and are only distinguished by individual specificities.

There are no kinship houses either, but each residential area has a mead hall which can largely make up for this deficit.

I also noticed that each neighborhood has a one stylistically unique home.

That in the Eastfold neighborhood is a house with a tower to decorate which grants a sublime view of the region.

That in the kingstead neighborhood is a house with a cave on the property.


These premium residences are priced on the same basis as are those in Belfalas.

The average regular house costs 500 Mithril Coins, both special houses cost 750, and the mead hall costs 900.

There are approximately as many decoration hooks per house here as in Belfalas, but the organization of the hookpoints here seems much better (particularly in the yards).

A new type of hook is also available: “Light Hook.” It will allow you to light your house in a selected manner in order to achieve a desired atmosphere in your room.

Finally, concerning the new decorations that will come with the update, know that the list is probably not yet complete but I was able to access many new decorations (via the database and the game itself).

Each district also includes a series of quests to complete and a reputation faction which will, I presume, reward advantages or decorations.


Eastfold Housing

In a house in this neighborhood, you will have only one interior to decorate, but it will be huge no matter which house you choose.

# Eastfold Mead hall

# Eastfold Classic house:

Kingstead Homestead

Here, each house has a main interior and a barn that you can decorate as you wish.

# Kingstead Mead hall:

# Kingstead Classic house:


That’s all for now! I will make another post as soon as I know more and after I play a little longer with these new homes!

So, hyped?

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  1. Thanks for this preview. I’m particularly excited about some of the new walls and floors that will be available. Hopefully we’ll have a similar way to travel to them as with Belfalas so lower levels can shop. I’m intrigued about the new lighting feature, if only for holly day decor (especially Haunted Houses!)


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