Results : X5-Creator Contest
Results : X5-Creator Contest

Results : X5-Creator Contest

Results : X5-Creator Contest

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It’s time… Results are in !

The results are in and it’s time to show you the ranking of this contest.

Those who are not mentioned below will always have the opportunity to ask for more precision through the comments or the Contact section.

Thanks to all the participants, voters, and to my honorable members of the jury! 😉

Let’s go for the top 3, and then we’ll see who won a Best House trophy (4th to 10th positions).


#3 – Lynariel

Yao (8): “A creation very well done! You shall not pass !”

Audience Average: 8/10 – Jury Average: 6/10 – Overall Score: 7.4/10

#2 – Kia

Prunaprismia (8.5/10): “We don’t often see a “small” creation, it’s a change! The result is very alive, it’s full of details and it’s very bright, bravo! I really like the relief of this piece of art, and also the different textures, it’s very organic, very “instant captured”. “

Khaotil (7): “An original idea and very well implemented, with more interesting work on the colors that we rarely see on this theme!”

Audience Average: 7.93/10 – Jury Average: 7/10 – Overall Score: 7.65/10

#1 – Irialeth

Khelsi (10/10): “The altar with the spirit making an offering to the Balrog, who comes out of the darkness to devour the worm … I love it! Very well balanced in composition, and an optimized use of the Balrog statue and the configuration of the Belfalas houses. Well done !.”

Prunaprismia (8,5): “First of all, congratulations for the quality of the screen ! The setting, the light, it’s extremely well done, very grafical (it changes everything!). A very clever use of the alcove of the houses of Dol Amroth. About the scene itself, what a scary altar! The statue seems to come straight out of TESO and reminds me a lot of Molag Bal (the true ones will understand ), it’s very successful, nice atmosphere, bravo !”

Khaotil (8): “A beautiful sacrificial altar, with a frightening head that one would think emerging from the wall! Perfectly in line with the theme and very well mastered.”

Yao (9): “You don’t mind if I take your idea and put it in my own Halloween house ? 🙂 Bravo!”

Audience Average: 7.29/10 – Jury Average: 8.88/10 – Overall Score: 7.76/10

Congratulations, Irialeth, you’re the new X5-Creator ! 


Here are the rewards:

  • First place (Irialeth): 1500 LotRO Points + Best House in the Neighbourhood Trophy
  • 2nd place (Kia): 1000 LotRO Points + Best House in the Neighbourhood Trophy
  • 3rd place (Lynariel): 500 LotRO Points + Best House in the Neighbourhood Trophy
  • 4th to 10th places (in that order: Gilbraen, Fullraven, Himeriya, Vulpex, Vanimere, Sylhouette & Singo): Best House in the Neighbourhood Trophy

You’ll received your rewards later today/tomorrow (don’t forget to check your emails).

Many thanks to all, congratulations to the winners, and see you soon for new D&Co’s adventures!

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