Results : X4-Creator Contest
Results : X4-Creator Contest

Results : X4-Creator Contest

Results : X4-Creator Contest
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It’s time… Results are in !

The results are in and it’s time to show you the ranking of this contest.

I won’t detail all the notes and all the rankings, but just what interests us today for rewards (so, it’s gonna be a top 5!).

Those who are not mentioned below will always have the opportunity to ask for more precision through the comments or the Contact section.

Thanks to all the participants, voters, and to my honorable members of the jury! 😉

Let’s go for the top 5 !

#5 Irialeth

Druisfire (8/10): “I really like the choice of items used to represent naughty and nice here. While there’s no actual symmetry in appearance, it works quite well as a theme. I particularly appreciate the integration of the three candles on the pedestal with the scene’s story. “

Yao (8/10): “A nice dwarf throne, very well decorated and filled with Christmas colors. “”

Audience Average: 7.06/10 – Jury Average: 7/10 – Overall score: 7.04/10

#4 Laurel

Druisfire (8/10): “This one is a strong use of being able to move decorations away from their hooks and adjusting their rotations. While being fairly limited in the number of decorations used, it really sells its theme.”

Yao (7): “A beautiful sleigh perfectly made! All that’s missing is Santa Claus to drive it.”

Audience Average: 7.31/10 – Jury Average: 7/10 – Overall Score: 7.22/10

#3 Elainos

Prunaprismia (7/10): “The set is pleasantly warm, a little extra for the very successful outfit of Father Yule!”

Yao (8.5): “A creation very well done! The choice of decorations is very good and everything is in the theme. A perfect scene to take a beautiful picture. Bravo!”

Audience Average: 7.14/10 – Jury Average: 7.5/10 – Overall Score: 7.25/10

#2 Piandao

Prunaprismia (8/10): “A very successful miniature, this village is very cute, it looks like Forochel ! Clever use of some decorations which are very well diverted, bravo !”

Yao (9.5): “I saw a lot of miniatures during the different competitions but this one is particularly beautiful! A cute snowy village, sublime!”

Audience Average: 7.07/10 – Jury Average: 8.17/10 – Overall Score: 7.40/10

#1 Khelsi

Druidsfire (10/10): “This one is quite cozy. The simplicity of the color palette makes it elegant, and the low lighting adds to the charm. This one definitely invites the viewer to have a seat and pick up a book and while away a winter evening.”

Prunaprismia (8): “A very warm scene, I wish I was in front of this fire place with a good book 🙂 Very good control of the play of light / atmosphere, the picture is simply perfect.”

Yao (8.5): “A charming little corner, perfect for winter evenings. Warm, welcoming, and very well presented. Well done.”

Audience Average: 7.74/10 – Jury Average: 8.83/10 – Overall Score: 8.07/10

Congratulations, Khelsi, you’re the new X4-Creator ! 


Here are the rewards:

  • First place (Khelsi): 1500 LotRO Points + Best House in the Neighbourhood Trophy
  • 2nd place (Piandao): 1000 LotRO Points + Best House in the Neighbourhood Trophy
  • 3rd , 4th & 5th places (Elainos & Irialeth & Laurel): 500 LotRO Points + Best House in the Neighbourhood Trophy

You’ll received your rewards later today (don’t forget to check your emails).

Many thanks to all, congratulations to the winners, and see you soon for new D&Co’s adventures!

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One comment

  1. Congratulations to all participants and for the winners, bravo !

    What beautiful achievements on this contest, it’s always very nice to discover such pieces of art specific to each one on a theme as “cool” (lol) as Yule !

    I have a special message for Gropardieu, my favorite which is unfortunately not in the five, I loved your originality and you made me laugh, thank you and bravo for that 🙂


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