Results : The X-Creator
Results : The X-Creator

Results : The X-Creator

Results : The X-Creator

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It’s time… Results are in !

The results are in and it’s time to show you the ranking of this contest.

I won’t detail all the notes and all the rankings, but just what interests us today for rewards. Those who are not mentioned below will always have the opportunity to ask for more precision through the comments or the Contact section.

Let’s go for the top 5 !


Nisha Patel

“A Nook for the Jocular Scholar”, where all the necessary was gathered, seduced a part of the voters. As Edward stated in his notes, a little more creativity would surely have made the difference and I too would have liked the merger of the two round tables to form one.

The idea is there and Nisha finds herself in the middle of the table. Bravo!

Audience Average: 6.07/10 – Jury Average: 6.33/10 – Overall score: 6.2/10

Orolhion Martelame

The forbidden library did not go unnoticed! A decoration intermingling Dol Amroth and Mordor decorations. A sublime uses of decos not obvious to place for a very interesting final result! The challenge of using unobtrusive decorations to place, will have pleased our friend Kaels and Edward – while saluting the creativity of that creation – would have liked to see a small secret passage leading to this forbidden library.

A very interesting idea that makes me want to reproduce this decoration while adding something more. A well deserved fourth place! Bravo.

Audience Average: 7.6/10 – Jury Average: 7.83/10 – Overall Score: 7.72/10


A sublime filled fireplace, colorful and very well decorated. Everything is clean, and I salute Gamleth for his use of Gondorian decorations which had to burn his hands during the installation: p … As Kaels says: “it’s simple but beautifully realized “! I also join Edward to greet the perfect balance between Gondor and Rohan decos and address a good point to Gamleth for cheating with the rules using a fireplace already present as the 11th decoration.

Smart, and the new 2018s Gamleth does not turn his back on Gondor. 😉
Congratulations !

Audience Average: 7.47/10 – Jury Average: 8/10 – Overall Score: 7.73/10


The specialist hit again! Khaotil, accustomed to special decorations this time served us on a silver tray a simply beautiful bedroom. Here, each decoration was used intelligently and everything makes sense. I also note – thanks to this creation – that the Elves of Felegoth’s decos go very well with the decorations Dol Amroth’s one.

Kaels and Edward greet with me the beauty of this decoration, even if they would have liked a little more creativity on some aspects of the bed. In any case, congratulations !

Audience Average: 8.5/10 – Jury Average: 7.33/10 – Overall Score: 7.92/10


And it is Ithilneth who wins this contest with her “Piece of water”. What can I say ? A perfect use of the pool, decorations all have a meaning inside this piece of water! Even the choice of the floor is perfectly realized. Hat down, the artist!

Kaels: “The ten elements were used to create an original and coherent decoration and what’s more, it is pretty, a very good graphic idea to submit to the developers!”

Edward: “I love it, even if the idea has already been seen in the past, here the achievement is wonderful and the author pushed it up to match the room and her outfit.”

Audience Average: 9.36/10 – Jury Average: 8.83/10 – Overall Score: 9.1/10

Congratulations, Ithilneth, X-Creator !

The rewards :

After long deliberations, the jury unanimously chose his “Coup de Coeur”. This is also Ithilneth who wins, with her “Piece of Water”, the jury prize!

As a result, and not to overload our winner with LOTRO points, here are the rewards:

  • Ithilneth wins 2000 LOTRO Points (1000 for the first place, and 1000 for the Jury Prize)
  • Khaotil, Gamleth, Orolhion and Nisha all win 500 LOTRO Points

Rewards will be sent during the day.

Many thanks to all, congratulations to the winners, and see you soon for new D&Co’s adventures!

D&Co du Milieu

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