Results : “l’Annexe de l’Étrange” (1st Week)
Results : “l’Annexe de l’Étrange” (1st Week)

Results : “l’Annexe de l’Étrange” (1st Week)

Results : “l’Annexe de l’Étrange” (1st Week)

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Want to know who won the first draw? Let’s go!

After a week of fun inside the “Annexe de l’Étrange”, it is time to present the results of this first draw. 

I received 15 participations on this first week for the first house : “l’Annexe de l’Étrange”.

All entries were complete, congratulations to you, I hope you had fun!

Here is the draw that will successively allow three people to win : 1 exclusive decoration item (since it has not been available for 7 years … Thank you Cordovan!), and two codes for 500 LOTRO Points.

The draw was recorded, so here it is :

Congratulations to the three winners and thank you to all participants.

The “Demeure de l’Étrange” contest continues this week.
You will find all the information to participate by clicking here. (<- update coming in the evening)

Reminders: If you are part of the list of 12 people who have not won prizes this week, you just have to send me your screens taken in the new “Demeure de l’Étrange”, no need to give those of last week house in the participation form.
The address of the second house will be known in the evening.

~ Yao
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    1. Oay

      Okay, I’ll spill… We’re talking about the “Best House in the Neighbourhood Trophy” ! 😉

      Thanks to Cordovan who worked for a long time to rehabilitate this ancient decoration item.


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