Want to know who won this contest? Let’s go !

After two weeks of fun inside the “Demeure de l’Étrange”, it is time to present this contest results. 

I received more than 30 participations on this contest and all entries were complete.

Congratulations to everyone, I hope you had fun in this strange house!

Here is the draw that will successively allow one of you to win a Minas Morgul Xpac and 4 people to win 500 LOTRO Points.

The draw was recorded, so here it is :

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all participants !

The “Demeure de l’Étrange IV” contest is now closed.

I’m waiting for your feedback on this special event !
Thank you all again and see you soon… 😉

Note : you’ll receive your reward tomorrow before the update!

~ Yao
D&Co du Milieu


  1. Congratulations to the WINNERS! I do think the real winner was all of us getting to play in this wicked house! BRAVO Yao and thank’s again for hosting such a fun event. I can’t wait for more!

  2. Congratulations to everyone who participated and solved the challenge! Special congratulations to Yao for doing this creative contest for us! I hope there are more like those in the future! 😀



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