Elderslade (U28) has two reputations.

Galbil’Akkâ, which comes from Missions, and The March on Gundabad, which comes from landscape quests.

Gabil’Akkâ (Missions)
– The March on Gundabad (Landscape)

Ambient Environments

Here you’ll find every Ambient Environments items. You can buy these items from Housing Furnishers and Reputation Barterers around Middle-Earth. Note: These hooks can only be found inside Belfalas and Rohan Houses. There is only one Ambient Environment hook per …

The Red Axe Drinks of Victory!

“Steinur. The Red Axe Drinks of Victory, T.A. 3019. Dyed wax on wood.” Decoration Slot: Wall Way to obtain: Gabil’Akka (Missions) Reputation Barterers – Uzkhas or The March on Gundabad (Elderslade) Reputation Barterers – Kindred Price : 20 Gabil’Akka War-mark or …

Definitely not an Explosive Barrel

“Look at how normal this barrel is. Nothing dangerous is contained within.” Decoration Slot: Yard or Furniture Way to obtain: Gabil’Akka (Missions) Reputation Barter – Uzkhas Price : 20 Gabil’Akka War-mark Item : Bound to Account – Item cannot be traded …