Q&A with members of the LotRO Team on Discord
Q&A with members of the LotRO Team on Discord

Q&A with members of the LotRO Team on Discord

Q&A with members of the LotRO Team on Discord

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Do you have questions about the future of LotRO housing? You may get some answers…

Updated on 8/5

Hello housing nerds!

I am pleased to announce that members of the LotRO development team will have a moment with us on our Discord server to chat with us about LotRO housing.

So, if you have questions about housing (mainly!), feel free to join us on August 6th at 1p.m. (EDT) to have a chance to get some answers.

The LotRO Team will be around for ~30 minutes.

I will see you there!

About Discord and the Q&A:

⇒ D&Co du Milieu Discord Server Address: https://discord.gg/Ha6skZrS

Starting on August 6th at 1p.m. (EDT) – right after the +Cord of the Rings stream – log on to our Discord server to ask the team some questions.

Updated on 8/5

Interview with members of the LotRO team – Everything you need to know How it will work:

Join us on our Discord to find a Q&A category with a few channels inside: https://discord.gg/tPkwWFdSnX

Under the Q&A category, you’ll find a few channels:

  • General: a channel where you’ll be able to ask the LotRO team things that won’t fit in the other channels
  • Housing Hooks: for talking about housing hooks only – existing hooks, hooks you’d like to see, and hooks consolidation.
  • Decoration Items: for talking about deco items only.
  • Neighborhoods: here you’ll be able to ask things about housing neighborhoods.

Those will be the channels where you’ll be able to ask your questions to the LotRO team.

Under the Q&A category, you’ll also find a vocal channel named “Q&A – Audio” to which everyone will be able to connect and hear the devs answering the questions they choose from the other channels.
Devs will also have the ability to respond sequentially to questions on each channel created for the Q&A.

So, the first thing you should do on August 6th is to log to the audio channel so you can hear answers from the dev team!

Note: you won’t be able to talk into the audio channel, only SSG members will be able to.

A few rules:

  • As always, be kind, non-aggressive, and please, no TROLLING!
  • Text channels: please, ask questions and refrain from chit-chatting too much.

I will be monitoring and moderating the whole session.

Looking forward to see you there!

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  1. Vanimere

    Nice, i am glad that the devs will be talking with the LOTRO housing fans! Will you please include the transcribes of that conversation on your website? There are many players that love LOTRO & housing, but are hearing impaired. For those players a conversation that is sound record of any kind only, will not do.


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