You’ll find here every decoration item a Scholar can craft.

Some items here can be crafted only when you reach a certain Guild level.

Melted Beeswax Candle

“A genuine beeswax candle to proide a warm light.”  Decoration Slot: Yard or Furniture or Wall Way to obtain: Recipe : Vales of Anduin Reputation + Profession : Scholar Price: 10 Gúlmark Item: Unbound – Item can be traded or sold to …

Wall Colour

This page lists every wall color available in game. ♦ Housing Furnisher NPCs ♦ ♦ Crafting – Scholar ♦ Note : random loot from tier 1 to tier 5. ♦ Lothlorien reputation barterer ♦ ♦ Lothlorien reputation barterer + Scholar ♦ Updated …