Decoration Slot: Large Yard or Special Furniture
Way to obtain: Figments of Splendour Barterer or Random loot from Lootbox
Price : 5000 Figments of Splendour
Item : Bound to Account – Item cannot be traded or sold to other players


  1. So, I am finding the availability of the Figments of Splendour housing items a bit confusing….
    Which items are available right now (15 August 2019)? Is it only the:
    Pig pen
    Beech tree
    Barrel of wild clover
    Badger house
    Carved bear bust

    What about the alabaster items?
    And all of the dwarf and obsidian items? Will those be back next year?

  2. From what I know/understand :

    Albaster items + U22 Items (Public outhouse, Fish Pond etc) + dwarf/obsidian decorations are Spring Items.
    Those will be back next year.

    Summer Items are those you’ve mentionned (Badger house, Carved Bear bust etc…). Those will be available until the end of this season and will then disapear until next year.



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