D&Co du Milieu
PatchNote – DeCo du Milieu Database (2022)

PatchNote – DeCo du Milieu Database (2022)

This page allows you to see the latest added items as well as the modifications (images and others) made on each post.




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Website Updates 

# October 2022
Database Updates


10/12/2022 – Added the 3 new items from Harvestmath Festival


# September 2022
Database Updates



9/27/2022 – Updated 26 deco items with new shiny screenshots.

9/6/2022 – Updated 27 deco items with new shiny screenshots.

# August 2022
Database Updates


8/18/2022 – Added the new item from Season 3 of the Reward Track

8/9/2022 – Added the new items from Farmer’s Faire Festival (+18)


8/31/2022 – Updated Herbalism items which were having the wrong barterer name.

8/15/2022 – Updated some Minas Morgul reputation items that were having the wrong name for barter tokens.

# July 2022
Database Updates


7/20/2022 – Updated the items from the Bugan Treasure Event
7/20/2022 – Added the 10 new items from the Futher Adventure of Elladan & Elrohir


7/29/2022 – Added a video for 5 items.
7/29/2022 – Updated 21 items with new shiny screenshots

7/19/2022 – Some old items from the Isengard Instance Cluster were not having the “Bound to Account” informations. This has been fixed.

7/6/2022 – Updated pictures for Hrímil Frost-heart in Effigy item.
7/6/2022 – Added a video for Saruman’s Orrery

# June 2022
Database Updates


6/16/2022 – Added the new deco item from Midsummer Festival


6/16/2022 – Changed the way Ambient Evironment items were displayed on the website.

# May 2022
Database Updates


5/12/2022 – Added the new item from lootboxes.


# April 2022
Database Updates


4/23/2022 – Added the 2 rewards from Yondershire Bingo quests
4/23/2022 – Added the new Decorative Walls from the Yondershire reputation barterers.

4/22/2022 – Added the missing item from the Anniversary Celebrations

4/21/2022 – Added the new Ambient Environment from the Yondershire Rep barterers.
4/21/2022 – Added 10 new items from the Anniversary Celebrations

4/20/2022 – Added 33 of the new items from the Yondershire reputation barterers.


4/1/2022 – Updated 34 items with new screenshots.

# March 2022
Database Updates


3/17/2022 – Added the 2 new items from Spring Festival
3/17/2022 – Added an item that I missed before from the Thorin’s Hall Housing Furnisher
3/17/2022 – Added the missing deco item from the Gundabad Raid.

3/13/2022 – Added a new deco item from the Gundabad Raid.

3/11/2022 – Added the new ambient music boxes from Gundabad and the Angle.


3/29/2022 – Updated 12 items with new screenshots.

3/26/2022 – Updated 7 items with new screenshots.

3/23/2022 – Updated 20 items with new screenshots.

3/7/2022 – Fixed the wrong description from the Minas Morgul Tincture Supplies.

# February 2022
Database Updates


2/24/2022 – Added the 129 new deco items from the Moria reputation barterer.

2/21/2022 – Added the 56 new deco items from the Grey Mountains reputation barterer.
2/21/2022 – Added the new decorative walls from Azanulbizar Raid Barterer (+8)

2/20/2022 – Added the new items (+27) from the Gundabad Reputation Barterer

2/18/2022 – Added the new items for the Minas Morgul, Mordor and Angmar Reputation Barterers (+18)
2/18/2022 – Added the new decorative walls (+12) from the Rohan Housing Broker

2/17/2022 – Added the 28 new items from the Thorin’s Hall Housing Furnisher
2/17/2022 – Added the new decorative walls (+28) of the Belfalas, Shire, Falathlorn and Bree housing furnishers.
2/17/2022 – Added the 25 new items from the Erebor Housing Furnisher

2/16/2022 – Added the 2 new items from the Angle of Mitheithel Reputation Barterers and the new one from a quest of this area
2/16/2022 – Added the 135 new Ambient Environments items
2/16/2022 – Added the 20 new Ambient Environments (Cave) items


# January 2022
Database Updates


1/12/2022 – Added the last missing item from the Gundabad Instances

1/2/2022 – Added the last missing item from the Geode Hunter


1/25/2022 – Added new shiny screenshots for 15 deco items.

1/13/2022 – Added new shiny screenshots for every Dol Amroth deco items to replace the old ones.

1/4/2022 – Added Figments of Splendour prices for Azanulbizar (Fall of Khazad-Dum) raid deco items.

Last Updates

This is a good way to know what changes have been made on D&Co du Milieu.

Version 6.7.2 – 10/14/2022

  • Advanced Search: will now display properly on Safari
  • Advanced Search: color is changing while active
  • “Discounted” tag, used on some housing items for LotRO Housing Sales, will now hide automatically once sales are not active
  • Fixed an issue where posts would disappear from the “Decoration Items” category if they are being updated a few month later
  • Server: fixed an issue preventing the database server to reload/reboot once it has reached a certain memory limit

Version 6.7.1 – 9/29/2022

Many changes have been done on the Search Results page in order to improve your navigation while searching for deco items on the website.

  • Search for deco items only: you can now click on a link while searching in order to display deco items only (excluding news and contest posts)
  • Advanced Search: the tools that were present on the main search page (categories, tags, etc) are now also available on the search results pages under “Advanced Search” (only available on wide screens/PC)
  • Search algorithm was tweaked and improved
  • Fixed an issue with some visitors not being able to comment on some posts
  • Fixed an issue with the Twitter widget which was sometime not visible on the sidebar
  • Improved the main menu for mobiles & small screens

Version 6.7 – 9/1/2022

  • Posts/Decorations will now have their categories displayed under the post name instead of being part of the header. Hoping that this will greatly improve navigation between categories.
  • Generic categories like “Decoration”, “Exterior”, “Interior”, “Reputation”, etc, won’t be displayed anymore inside posts categories. This change has been made in order to reduce the number of categories a post is displaying (by removing useless categories).
  • Improved the way posts are displayed on mobile devices.
  • Cleaned and optimized the database

Version 6.6.5 – 8/12/2022

  • Fixed a “nonce” issue with comments on the website.

Version 6.6.4 – 7/31/2022

  • Improved the search algorithm based on user data I gathered since last year: removed some “stop words”, added some synonyms (i.e.: searching for “Skarhald” will now displays the “Grey Mountains” items and not an empty page, etc), removed some posts/pages that should not be seen on search results.

Version 6.6.3 – 7/21/2022

  • ‘Location of Items’ menu: menu has been updated. Navigation between different tabs is no longer horizontal but vertical. This change was made to ensure the pointer won’t accidentally hover over another tab while browsing.
  • ‘Location of Items’ menu: slighlty changed the appearance of that menu.

Version 6.6.2 – 7/14/2022

  • “Housing” sub-menu: reworked the appearance of that menu
  • Fixed an issue with some buttons not having the proper color
  • Slightly updated website’s footer after updating some widgets.

Version 6.6.1 – 6/16/2022

  • Ambient Music page now displays items in 4 columns (instead of 3)
  • Fixed an issue with some categories that were not displaying 4 columns because they had an Ambient Music in their lists.

Version 6.6 – 6/3/2022

The way deco items are displayed on archive/category/tag pages has been totally reworked. News and contest posts remain unchanged.

  • New: archive/category/tag pages for deco items are now displaying 4 columns of items (instead of 3)
  • New: each page now display 40 deco items
  • Archive/Tag/Category Pages now have new ‘shiny effects’
  • Code has been improved accordingly for mobiles/tablets

Version 6.5.3 – 5/27/2022

  • Updated WordPress to v6.0
  • Server: updated php version from 7.4 to 8.0
  • Server: database was moved to a new shiny server
  • Server: database was updated from Mysql 5.6 to Mysql 8.0

Version 6.5.2 – 5/12/2022

Totally reworked the code for Mobile, Tablets, and 720p screen resolution.

  • Mobile: improved the way the new menu is displaying on mobile.
  • Tablet: the new menu should now display correctly while using a tablet.
  • Fix: “Housing” and “Location of Items” menu are now working properly while using a tablet.
  • Fixed some display issue on landing page for people using tablets.
  • 720p Screens: reworked the way the menu is displaying on those screen resolutions.
  • Fix: people using 720p screen resolution will now be able to properly use the “Location of Items” menu.
  • Database was cleaned and remnant files from the old menu were removed.

Version 6.5.1 – 4/23/2022

New Main Menu

With this update, D&Co changes its menu: a better tool to set up/customize for me, and a new shiny menu for you! The navigation has been partly redesigned, especially the “Location of item” menu, which had become a real mess to organize. From now on, there are tabs, obvious links, and a little touch of modernity (especially for the “Homesteads” menu).
Nothing is set in stone, and this menu will be improved and embellished in the future according to your feedback.

  • Main Menu: new look, new categories, and a new tool for me.
  • Main Menu: the old “Housing” menu is now divided in two parts: “Homesteads”, where you’ll find all the neighborhoods available, and “Housing”, where you’ll find guides and tools.
  • “Location of Items” Menu: A ‘New’ label is now displayed when new decorations are added to a category. This label will be updated with each major game update.
  • “Location of Items” Menu: The ‘Festivals’ tab now displays the current event, or if not available, the next scheduled event.
  • “Location of Items” Menu: The ‘Store’ tab now shows if there are any promotions going on.
  • Server: updated the code following the changes with the menu tools I use.
  • Fixed a bug with caching and interractive maps.
  • [6.4.9] Fixed a bug with tabs on the interractive maps.
  • [6.4.9] Fixed a display issue on the “How to help us” page
  • [6.4.9] Fixed a display issue on the “Contact us” page
  • [6.5.1] Improved the new menu since it was added to the French website a few weeks ago

Version 6.4.8 – 3/28/2022

  • Main Menu: I had to remove the event list from the ‘news’ menu in order to prevent a bug from happening in the category pages. The link to the D&Co Calendar is still available on the ‘News’ menu. The event list will be back with the next Menu update.
  • Fixed a server issue (website was loading slowly last week)

Version 6.4.7 – 3/23/2022

  • Search Form: updated the search algorithm in order to get better search results
  • Cleaned and optimized the database

Version 6.4.6 – 3/4/2022

  • Search Results page: this page will now display search results in the same way categories pages are displaying posts (removed the sidebar)
  • Search Form: updated the code in the backend so that some unrelated posts/pages don’t show up while searching for deco items
  • Posts: a search bar has been added to the sidebar on posts pages.

Version 6.4.5 – 2/4/2022

  • Removed the old form plugin I was using on the website
  • Cleaned and optimized the code and the database

Version 6.4.4 – 1/24/2022

  • Removed the ability to use the star rating system from posts that are not decoration items

Version 6.4.3 – 1/23/2022

Due to an issue with the old plugin I was using for forms, I had to rework all existing forms of the website (voting, sharing, contact and bug reporting forms). The Housing Week contest voting form has not been touched, but will be removed at the end of the contest.

  • New: you can now specify the theme of each individual house on the ‘Share your Home’ form (instead of having to submit 2 forms for 2 different themed houses)
  • Fixed an issue with some images disappearing after reloading the page