News: U28.2 and Yule Festival
News: U28.2 and Yule Festival

News: U28.2 and Yule Festival

News: U28.2 and Yule Festival

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Update 28.2 has now been launched and there are plenty of beautiful new items for Middle Earth’s Housing community!

This is probably the last “big” update of 2020 for the decorating enthusiast so let’s see what we get for Christmas!

New Items from War of the Three Peaks

There are 28 new decoration items, mostly dwarven, from the War of the Three Peaks reputation barterers!

These items are available at the Gabil’Akka barterer, for 20 War-marks each. Some are also available from the Elderslade barterer for Coins of Gundabad.

Here is a preview of the new items (database is already updated):


Yule Festival

The Yule Festival has arrived and will be here through January 5th. Festival barterers have 6 new decoration items waiting for you.

Here is a preview of those new items (database is already updated):

Hobbit Presents – Yule

Yule themed hobbit presents are back during this year’s festival with some changes.

First of all, last year’s housing decoration gifts have been consolidated into a single selection package available from Silver and Gold Hobbit Presents (database was already updated accordingly). So all of the Gold decoration items from last year will now be available from a single Gold Hobbit present, and likewise with the Silver items.

Note: The Gold hobbit present box also contains all silver items.

Also, you’ll be able to get 4 new decoration items from seasonal hobbit presents. 3 are coming from silver rewards, and 1 (the fireplace) is from gold rewards.

Here is a preview of those new items (database is already updated):

Note: the missing item here is a Yule Ambient Music Box.

Also, note that if you receive an unwanted or duplicate gift from Yule Hobbit Present, you will now be able to disenchant them into 2 Yule Festival Tokens each using the Flame of Ancalamír.

Travel Between Neighbourhoods

An unexpected gift from SSG! If you happen by the Broker’s Office in Bree, as I just did, you’ll notice there are now Real Estate Ledgers that can be used to access any premium neighbourhood, regardless of the number of available homes for sale.

Rohan and Belfalas housing neighbourhoods were very difficult to reach for low level characters before. This is now solved with this update and you’ll be able to reach every neighbourhood from the Broker’s Office in Bree.

That’s all for today!

This post will be updated once I’m done with updating the D&Co du Milieu database.


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