Minas Morgul Housing Items – Preview from Bullroarer
Minas Morgul Housing Items – Preview from Bullroarer

Minas Morgul Housing Items – Preview from Bullroarer

Minas Morgul Housing Items – Preview from Bullroarer

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New decoration items are coming with the next LotRO expansion pack.

I spent some time on Bullroarer during this second preview session of the upcoming Minas Morgul expansion.

I have seen many new decorations, and I will now share with you what I found !

Note: this post will be updated regularly based on my discoveries on Bullroarer during the different Betas.
Note 2: this is not an exhaustive list ! I am missing some quests items, Lost Lores, and Reputation Barterers items (mainly banners).

Last Update – 10/29/19

Guild Crafted Items
Those decorations can be crafted. You can buy the recipe from your Guild Barterer (Tier13).

More to come…

Minas Ithil Reputation
From Minas Ithil Quartermasters.

More to come…

Figments of Splendour
Curator has a new training dummy for you.

This training-dummy can be found in-game but we don’t know where you’ll be able to get it.

More to come…

Last Update – 10/29/19

So, what do you think of those?

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  1. Rhuangar

    If these are level 130 items I won’t be able to get them till March (going to wait til I can buy xpac with LOTRO points). I hope there are new festival and seasonal dec’s I can get, however.
    These decorations look super cool but they appear to be based on already existing decorations. The wall dec’s are very similar to the Vale wall decorations. The cool things on tables we have seen already (map table, potions table, empty table…)
    I really like the chest (especially since I haven’t been able to get the Anvil chest), but we have a few chest decorations in the game now.
    There are books and scrolls and bottles of things…

    I wish that there would be different themes and different classes or cultures of decorations. Right now it’s really easy to decorate houses based on certain themes: livable house, bar/pub, inn, library, palaces, map room/study, warrior theme, farm theme, magic theme… a few more. I’ve said before that I would like more wine related decorations (we already have tons of beer related items). I also wish there was more variety in terms of types/classes of decorations, for example:

    Clothing/textile decoration (we have one or two I think, could do with more in my opinion)
    Cabinets and drawers (the ones we have are really good, but nothing new recently)
    Large “wall”-type decorations (the Gondorian bookshelves are the only thing currently in game that make really good “walls”)
    Individual foods (kind of like the corked bottles and lore books)
    Haradrim/Easterling themes
    Pillows/blankets/sheets etc
    Towels, placemats, tablecloths, etc
    Small things like keys, bags, makeup containers, etc
    Jewelry (this entire story is about a ring… maybe we can put other pieces of jewelry throughout the house)
    Smoking/pipe decorations
    Cleaning supplies
    Etc etc

    So while I really like these new decorations, I feel like they are variations on old themes.


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