D&Co du Milieu
How to help us ?

Without your help, the website and its database would not be what it is.
Discover the different ways to bring your own contribution to the project.

A helping hand, for great results ?

The time commitment for maintain D&Co du Milieu and 4 other LotRO websites is huge. In addition to taking time, it also costs money. I love doing it, however, and will continue to provide these websites for anyone and everyone who is interested. However, any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.


Here are the ways you can provide a helping hand to D&Co du Milieu.

Adding decoration items to the Database

Prunaprismia helped me to put more than 150 decoration items to the database, and many others have also contributed ! If you see a decoration that I have not yet added to the site, please take a moment to do so!

Submit an Item to the database !


A decoration item is missing on D&Co’s database ? Give us a hand !


Fill in the form (5 screenshots – minimum) and I will quickly add your contribution. 

A little coffee to help Yao ?

D&Co costs about 220€ to maintain each year. Any help towards this cost is greatly appreciated through PayPal or Patreon!

A coffee for D&Co du Milieu ?

You can participate by choosing to offer me a coffee (or a beer) in a timely manner, or by a regular subscription, and through the PayPal service.

Buy D&Co a coffee !

Support D&Co on Patreon!

Here, instead of offering me a coffee (or a beer), you can offer it to me in several times on a more regular basis. A bit like a Nespresso subscription, what else huh?

Important notice : Each coin that I get back with donations will be reinvested in my websites, either to pay the annual costs or (most of the time) to buy rewards for contests (ex: Mordor expansion during D&Co’s first anniversary).

And Yes! I will continue, whatever the gains, to invest my free time for LotRO community !

You have any ideas ?

Feel free to contact me if you have a brilliant idea for D&Co du Milieu! Want a special column? Are you setting up a Housing event? Want to write for the site? You can help me with the English translation ? I am open to all offers. Come discuss it!