Housing Week in Middle-Earth #9 – The Final Fifteen !
Housing Week in Middle-Earth #9 – The Final Fifteen !

Housing Week in Middle-Earth #9 – The Final Fifteen !

Housing Week in Middle-Earth #9 – The Final Fifteen !
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At last D&Co presents the Final Fifteen of the 9th Bi-annual Housing Week in Middle Earth contest !

It’s time for everyone to sit down with a pen and paper (and maybe something to drink/eat) and tally up the points for their favorite Personal Houses in this edition of Housing Week in Middle-Earth contest.

First of all I want to warmly thank every single one of the entrants who decided to participate in this winter’s contest ! There were 48 total entries this time around !

Again, thank you to everyone who participated (and sorry for being late) !

Unfortunately, as is always the case, choices had to be made. I decided to present a list of 15 homes with descriptions and pictures. As always, it is very complicated to organize a contest with numbers beyond this.

However, I want the home owners whom I could not select to know I appreciate their participation very much. As always, my decisions are often based on a number of different criteria but everyone had some nice and unique things to show. The unselected houses will be presented at the end of the competition.

So here they are, 15 houses from which a single one will be chosen to rule them all ! As always, a photo report has been created for each house but I strongly encourage you to visit them all yourselves if possible. Take your time in exploring them, tally up the numbers, cast your votes, and enjoy !

Note : the name of the neighborhood is not necessarily very similar depending on the language used in the game, so the language of the client (launcher) is specified each time under the address.

The Final Fifteen

#1 : Arvalileth
Falathlorn – Laurelin

#2 : Chromite
Bree-land – Landroval

#3 : Duferiol
Belfalas – Arkenstone

#4 : Elainos
Shire – Gladden

#5 : Ivallaf
Thorin’s Hall – Gladden

#6 : Jenny
Bree-land – Arkenstone

#7 : Juniper
Thorin’s Hall – Landroval

#8 : Khaotil
Shire – Sirannon

#9 : Lillira
Bree-land – Gladden

#10 : Rhuangar
Thorin’s Hall – Brandywine

#11 : Rukes Bartleby
Belfalas – Landroval

#12 : Sageranda
Bree-land – Landroval

#13 : Silethrian
Belfalas – Laurelin

#14 : Teberda
Bree-land – Crickhollow

#15 : Utku
Falathlorn – Arkenstone

With regards to the voting….

Housing Week in Middle Earth would not be what it is without your (the public’s) thoughts and participation. Thank you for your time in considering the final candidates and submitting your votes.

The voting system :

  • Each house is given an average score from 1 to 10 made up of the public’s and the jury’s votes
  • The weighting is as follows : 30% for the Jury, 70% for the public
  • The Jury determines the winner of the Jury Prize : Host of Middle-earth
  • The Rewards are listed here.

The rules :

  • You have until Tuesday, December 31st, 11:59pm EST time, to vote.
  • You can rate each house anywhere from 1 to 10
  • You can vote for one or more houses, there are no restrictions
  • One vote per person (I’m watching you :p!)

You can vote for yourself if you like.

Play fair !

  • Votes like “I give myself a 10 and everyone else a 1” will be refused. You can give yourself a 10 but intentionally lowering the average score of other houses will not be considered.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask !




D&Co du Milieu


  1. Shatterbone

    The new Stable Masters in the homesteads make traveling around on low level characters so easy!! I can even visit the homes in Belfalas without the death run to Dol Amroth. Hoot! Thank you, SSG!!!

    Shatter 🙂

  2. AIPnAdj8NKvVVIaPX1QtGslMrgeIlQMLkGpM9mHgQ38=

    well shoot. I voted the opposite. 1 was the best and 10 was the least. So sorry …
    can you look at my votes and score them the opposite way then?

  3. Channnah

    Sadly, when trying to visit the Shire (as a hobbit) 3 Chalk in Cornacre is no longer available to see in person! I haven’t checked out the any of the others, as this is my second time visiting “housing contest” content.


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