Housing Week in Middle-Earth #9 – Results
Housing Week in Middle-Earth #9 – Results

Housing Week in Middle-Earth #9 – Results

Housing Week in Middle-Earth #9 – Results
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You’ve waited patiently and here they are !

After a week and a half of visits and votes, it is time to present the results of the 9th edition of Housing Week in Middle Earth !

Again I would like to thank all of the participants for this competition. Whether you were chosen for the final round or not, I hope you decide to participate again in future contests.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank my wonderful members of the jury who have accompanied me for this contest, again ! :).


I gathered all the data and there were a total of 94 in the ballot box. Congratulations and thank you again !

As a reminder, the final score for each house is obtained by the average weighted score of the public (70%) and the jury (30%). The jury, alone, designates the winner of the Jury Prize: “Host of Middle-earth”.

The results

Without further ado, here are the top five :

# 5 – Jenny

Audience average: 6.33 – Jury average: 6.66 – Final score: 6.43


“A pretty simple house welcoming to visitors.”


“A pretty elven house in Bree. Colorful, carefully decorated, this house has everything to please me.”

# 4 – Arvalileth

Audience average: 6.10 – Jury average: 7.33 – Final score: 6.48


“A very well decorated home. Really liked the Lorien table decorated with multiple items!”


“A pleasant, warm house. With great success in what I call an “indoor garden on a table”. Nice balance between originality and convenience.”

# 3 – Khaotil

Audience average: 5.71 – Jury average: 8.5 – Final score: 6.54


“Nice art gallery. With beautiful compositions, and a certain sense of detail. The bedroom is also great.”


“Hobbit houses are – in my opinion – among the most difficult to decorate. Here there is really a technical research and a skilful mixture in the use of decoration items. Bravo!”

# 2 – Elainos

Audience average: 5.89 – Jury average: 8.16 – Final score: 6.57


“A very good idea to place the toilets inside and what a beautiful treasure room with a nice mix of decoration items !”


“A decoration that manages to make something of this vast space. Well done. The composition in the treasure room is superb.”


“Decorating a hobbit home is never simple, but here it is done successfully! The frozen treasure room is obviously a nice highlight for this house. Bravo!”

# 1 – Ivallaf

Audience average: 6.15 – Jury average: 7.66 – Final score: 6.61


“A dwarf house of fine craftsmanship, very well done. The chandelier position in the bedroom has even been adapted to people of small size.”


“No doubts possible, it is indeed a dwarf house! The central aisle is particularly successful and the house has a very complete general aspect. Everything is gathered here to make one of my favorites.”


“The decoration of this house suggests that there is more room behind the walls, and I like it.
The kitchen is nice, the room too. ”

I extend my congratulations to the winners of the 9th bi-annual Housing Week in Middle Earth :).

Jury Prize

Finally, the Jury Prize, « Host of Middle-earth », which goes to the home with the most beautiful bedroom.

We decided to award this prize to Chromite.

“An awesome bedroom .”

“A very special bedroom. I really like the construction you did around the bed.”

“A practical, functional and particularly successful bedroom. The bedroom of a real Middle-earth warrior, no doubt about it! Congratulations!”

The rewards :

You’ll receive your rewards later today !

And so end this edition of Housing Week in Middle Earth.

Happy New Year everyone !

D&Co du Milieu


    1. Oay

      Yeah, I know…
      But I always do a t”Top 5″ because the Jury Price is often win by someone already in the top 4 and then, house #5 can win something.
      I’m sorry you didn’t win anything this time.


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