You’ve waited patiently and here they are !

After a week of visits and votes, it is time to present the results of the 7th edition of Housing Week in Middle Earth !

Again I would like to thank all of the participants for this competition. Whether you were chosen for the final round or not, I hope you decide to participate again in future contests.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank my wonderful members of the jury who have accompanied me for this contest, again ! :).


I gathered all the data and there were a total of 71 in the ballot box. Congratulations and thank you again !

As a reminder, the final score for each house is obtained by the average weighted score of the public (70%) and the jury (30%). The jury, alone, designates the winner of the Jury Prize: “Expert Gardener”.

The results

Without further ado, here are the top five :

# 5 – Rhuangar

Audience average: 7.06 – Jury average: 7.63 – Final score: 7.23


“A beautiful garden, filled with trees, flowers, ruins, congratulations! A rich and colorful interior, with assemblages of very successful objects (special mention for the back room, which makes a truly splendid kitchen). I also enjoyed the map room upstairs. A warm house with very good ideas, bravo!”

# 4 – Aleistor Cromley

Audience average: 7.37 – Jury average: 7.5 – Final score: 7.41


“A garden as I love them, with trees and fountains, which is very suitable for the residences of Belfalas. The house is in the same tone, with good use of Gondor housing items (what a beautiful entrance!). Special mention to the first floor  library which is really very successful! A typical Gondorian house, very well decorated.


“My jaw went off several times. Very beautiful, successfully done. Beautiful garden, very consistent, great use of available space.”

# 3 – Grufo

Audience average: 7.55 – Jury average: 7.38 – Final score: 7.5


“A very pretty Elvish-style garden! The main room is beautiful, very good choice of floors and walls (in the upper room also) that shows that you can have an elvish house that is not “empty”! Special mention for the bar that I liked. Very good mix of Gondorian and Elven decorations, very good management of space and surfaces, bravo!”


“It is quite rare to see an Elven home so well decorated and enlightened. The garden blends in perfectly with the decor and the interior is almost perfect. The space is not empty and the decorations chosen with care. Bravo!”

# 2 – Piandao

Audience average: 7.83 – Jury average: 7 – Final score: 7.58


“A beautiful garden and very original, bravo! I usually HATE the rohirrim mill, but it finds here its true place in this small agricultural corner very successful. I just want to lie under the apple trees by rocking the sound of the wind in the wheat !”


“Must recognize that the decoration is rich and varied. With a nice bar, a beautiful library and a luxurious room.”


“A beautiful house of Gondor, clean and very well arranged! The garden is sublimely done, and the interior is immaculate. Creativity is not pushed to its paroxism but it nevertheless remains present and NPCs find their place in this beautiful house. Great !”

# 1 – Aoumiel

Audience average: 7.91 – Jury average: 8.25 – Final score: 8.01


“What a scary place ! One can easily imagine the dark and terrible stories around the creations of this place. Original and successfully done. Beautiful garden, which combines plant and mineral, well arranged.”


“The garden is clean, flowery and  decorations where moved perfectly ! Mordor housing items are beautifully integrated and creativity of the author is at the rendez-vous. This is not a house where I would like to live, but it is a house that must be visited! Congratulations.”


“My crush ! A simply beautiful garden, wildly free as indicated in the description, but above all very successful, with decorations moved just fine for a natural and flowery result, it’s like being in Ithilien ! The house is also bluffing. Mordor atmosphere is pushed to the maximum, with original ideas in all rooms (chandeliers in the ground, mysterious book at the entrance, the doors of the Mordor, the closed rooms …). I particularly enjoyed the back room, the atmosphere is very successful and perfectly fits the beautiful starry ceiling of the residences of Belfalas. Bravo!

I extend my congratulations to the winners of the 7th bi-annual Housing Week in Middle Earth :).

Jury Prize

Finally, the Jury Prize, « Free Peoples Gardener », which goes to the home with the most beautiful garden.

Unanimously we decided to award this prize to Piandao.
A garden without any equivalence that was very pleasing to the eye. Bravo !

The rewards :

And so end the last edition of Housing Week in Middle Earth of 2018. See you next year, for new contest and other funny things :). In the meantime, enjoy the end of the year and take care !

D&Co du Milieu

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  1. Thank you so much everyone! I was really blown away by how imaginative and beautiful the houses of the final fifteen were and didn’t really think I stood a chance. I’m so happy people liked my house, however.
    Congratulations to all of the winners. Aoumiel’s house/magician’s haunt is a wonder of creativity and mystery. Great job!



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