Housing Week in Middle-Earth #6 : Participants
Housing Week in Middle-Earth #6 : Participants

Housing Week in Middle-Earth #6 : Participants

Housing Week in Middle-Earth #6 : Participants

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“Design is not making beauty, beauty emerges from selection, affinities, integration, love.” – Louis Kahn

Housing Week in Middle-Earth, 6th of its name, has just ended and it is time for me to present the full list of participant houses.

I want to remind you, once again, that these houses, despite their non-selection, are all great! Despite all of my efforts to remain as objective as possible a degree of subjectivity is always present when critiquing art. At times it was necessary to rely on my own feelings and dispositions when making choices about the selection. 🙂

This article is made up of two parts:

  • A complete list of the 38 participant homes and their addresses (including game client language)
  • Pictures of the best ideas I saw during my visits


38 Addresses


Bree-Land Homesteads

  • Conseil des Artisans de Bree – 8, Long Street,  Fammebourg (French)
  • Lys Blanc – 5, Long Street, Ouestecombe (French)
  • Nosse Taryatundo – 5, Long Street, Fineroche (French)
  • Sanguis Argentum – 5, Long Street, Bournegris (French)

Shire Homesteads

  • Bons Vivants – 2, Chalk Road, Plubas (French)

Falathlorn Homesteads

  • La Confrérie de la Frouillotte – 2, Waterbank Road, Langlin (French)

Cape of Belfalas Homesteads

  • Les Gardiens d’Arda – Tol Lochu, Muingar (French)
  • Pour le Fun – Tol Falthui, Brangoloth (French)


Thorin’s Hall Homesteads

  • Tenderlarch – 5, Roaring Road, Statham (English)

Falathlorn Homesteads

  • The VII Runes – 5, Waterbank Road, Laerodhris (English)
  • Windwalker – 8, Haven Way, Talaf Thilion (English)

Cape of Belfalas Homesteads

  • Les Trappeurs de l’Ered Luin – 5, Bay Road, Auriant (French)


Bree-Land Homesteads

  • Leofdag – 9, Chestnut Street, Blanmead (English)

Cape of Belfalas Homesteads

  • Death By Chocolate – 2, Silver Street, Muingar (English)


Bree-Land Homesteads

  • Watcher of the stars – 9, Chestnut Street, Dolwood (English)
  • The Thirteenth Order – 9, Chestnut Street, Naping (English)
  • Pyromaniacs – 8, Long Street, Comphurst (English)
  • Neep Hunters – 8, Long Street, Gravendore (English)

Cape of Belfalas Homesteads

  • The Eldar – 2, Silver Street, Alagaer (English)
  • The Blade Reforged – Tol Lochu, Arvirion (English)


Bree-Land Homesteads

  • Goatimli and His Wary Men – 9, Chestnut Street, Gellborough (English)

Thorin’s Hall Homesteads

  • Diogo – 2, Highspires Street, Barinsgarth (English)
  • Stay and Have Some Tea – 5, Stonemirk Street, Barinsgarth (English)

Falathlorn Homesteads

  • KAOS – 8, Haven Way, Dol Egleriad (English)
  • Army of Imladrıs-1 – 8, Haven Way, Mithrembar (English)

Cape of Belfalas Homesteads

  • Hunters of the West – Tol Lochu, Gwaetham (English)
  • The Hand Of Retribution – 2, Silver Street, Cirith Lunt (English)
  • Shadow and Flame – Tol Falthui, Rustanor (English)
  • Pirates of Tortuga – Tol Falthui, Alagaer (English)


Bree-Land Homesteads

  • Moonshadow Tavern – 9, Chestnut Street, Greyfeld (English)

Shire Homesteads

  • The Bilberry Family – 4, Myrtle Court, Nearbank (English)

Thorin’s Hall Homesteads

  • Bleu Stone Treasury – 5, Roaring Road, Eithgrun (English)

Cape of Belfalas Homesteads

  • Ask me about my cats – 5, Bay Road, Auriant (English)
  • Silver Horde – 5, Bay Road, Noruimar (English)


Bree-Land Homesteads

  • Raazr’s Blades – 1, High Street, Dartdell (English)


Thorin’s Hall Homesteads

  • Zero Point Energy – 5, Roaring Road, Vendom (English)

Cape of Belfalas Homesteads

  • The Shadow Proclamation – Tol Lochu, Thorodion (English)
  • Heralds of the Valar – 2, Silver Street, Bronadath (English)

Best Ideas

Lys Blanc (Sirannon)

Nosse Taryatundo (Sirannon)

Bons Vivants (Sirannon)

Windwalker (Laurelin)

Leofdag (Crickhollow)

The Thirteenth Order (Evernight)

Pirates of Tortuga (Arkenstone)
“The Battle of Isengard” <3 – Best idea ever !!!

Moonshadow Tavern (Landroval)

D&Co du Milieu

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