Housing Furnishers – Rohan Homesteads
Housing Furnishers – Rohan Homesteads

Housing Furnishers offer many decorations for in-game currency (gold, silver, and copper coins).

Just like the other neighborhoods in Middle Earth, the Rohan Homesteads have their own Housing Furnishers who sell unique items not found elsewhere.

In the Rohan Homesteads it is the Housing Brokers who sell decoration items, in addition to the houses themselves. There is also a separate Ambience Furnisher inside one of the buildings of the town center.


Ambient Environments (Rohan Housing Furnishers)

You’ll find here Ambient Environments from Rohan. Decoration Slot: Ambient EnvironmentWay to obtain: Rohan Ambience FurnishersPrice : 13 Silver 30 Copper CoinsItem : Unbound – Item can be traded or sold to other players Rohan – East Wall Western Rohan Western Rohan – Helm’s …

Cluster of Black-Winged Butterflies

“A Cluster of Black-Winged Butterflies.” Decoration Slot: Ceiling or Furniture or Yard Way to obtain: Ambience Furnisher – Rohan or Shire Housing Furnisher Price : 2 Silver 40 Copper Coins Item : Unbound – Item can be traded or sold …