Housing Furnisher – Thorin’s Hall Homesteads
Housing Furnisher – Thorin’s Hall Homesteads

Housing Furnishers are offering a lot of housing items for game currencies (coins).

You can find a housing furnisher inside the Thorin’s Hall Homesteads.

Decorative Dwarf-styled Stone Floor (Thorin’s Hall)

“–“ Reminder: a Decorative Floor is an actual deco item and not a Surface (floor) item. Those cannot be coloured. Decoration Slot: Furniture or Wall or FloorWay to obtain: Housing Furnisher (Thorin)Price : 28 Silver CoinsItem : Bound to account …

Ambient Environments (Ered Luin – Thorin’s Housing Furnishers)

You’ll find here Ambient Environments from Ered Luin. Decoration Slot: Ambient EnvironmentWay to obtain: Thorin’s Hall Housing FurnishersPrice : 13 Silver 30 Copper CoinsItem : Unbound – Item can be traded or sold to other players Ered Luin – Vale of Thrain Ered Luin …