Housing Decoration Carry-All
Housing Decoration Carry-All

Housing Decoration Carry-All

Housing Decoration Carry-All

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Usage – Definition – Advantages
A Housing Decoration Carry-All is a storage bag that can store 10 to 50 different types of decorations in stacks. The bag itself will take up one slot in your vault or inventory and is bound to account.

There are currently 3 Housing Decoration Carry-Alls of different sizes (small: 10 slots, medium: 25 slots and large: 50 slots).

A Housing Decoration Carry-All can hold up to 2000 decorations (5000 for the larger one) in total since you can stack the items. As an example, if you have 100 Fountains of Dol Amroth, once stored in a Housing Decoration Carry-All, these will only take one slot.

Way to Obtain
The LOTRO store is the only way to acquire a Carry-All. They are sometimes available during special sales, such as bundled with LOTRO Point sales, with expansions, or in the LOTRO store for a limited time.

Details and prices

  • LOTRO Store: 1 Small Housing Decoration Carry-All (10 slots) = 1295 LOTRO Points
  • LOTRO Store: 1 Medium Housing Decoration Carry-All (25 slots) = 1495 LOTRO Points
  • LOTRO Store: 1 Large Housing Decoration Carry-All (50 slots) = 1995 LOTRO Points

Last appearance : November 2020

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