Hook Consolidation Has Finally Arrived!
Hook Consolidation Has Finally Arrived!

Hook Consolidation Has Finally Arrived!

Hook Consolidation Has Finally Arrived!

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Housing enthusiasts, the big day is here!

No more thoughts of, “damn, if only I had two Large Furniture slots left instead of these two Thin ones….”

Hook consolidation is just around the corner! After today’s update (U30.3) we can all say goodbye to “Thin Furniture”, “Small Wall”, etc, and say hello to simple “Furniture” and “Wall” hooks!

Housing Hook Consolidation Explained

Simply put:

Thin, Small, Large, and Special Furniture Hooks will all become a single “Furniture” hook into why any of these types of furniture can be placed.

Small and Large Wall Hooks will just be “Wall” hooks.
Small Wall items will now rotate in the manner that Large Wall items always have, that is, pivoting along the y-axis as opposed to the z-axis.

Small and Large Floor Hooks will just be “Floor” hooks.

This change will not only hugely simplify the process of decorating but also allow us a great deal more flexibility in how we place items. Killing two crebain with one arrow is never a bad thing!

Note 1: after the update your decorated house should, for the most part, still look as it did before the update. You won’t have to completely redecorate although you may have to move your old “Small Wall” items as these may get reset.

Note 2: this update affects all houses, premium and classic.

About Categories on D&Co du Milieu

I am currently in the process of updating the website to reflect Hook Consolidation.

The changes will come into effect in the next hours/days/weeks (I currently only have one hand available due to a broken wrist so it may take a bit longer).

In order to keep the search for items easier (searching an 800+ furniture database won’t be simple) I’ve decided to create sub-categories based on the actual size of the items (not the old categories!).
This means that under the “Furniture” category you will find “Thin”, “Small-sized”, and “Large-sized” furniture sub-categories. Same goes for the “Wall” category.

Keep in mind that in-game, all items in the “Furniture” category will go into a “Furniture” hook. It’s just that you will be able to search by size at D&Co du Milieu.

My current to-do list consists of (I’ll keep this post updated):

  • Updating the “Wall” hook categories – Done!
  • Updating the “Furniture” hook categories – Done!
  • Updating the “Floor” hook categories – Done!
  • Creating sub-categories for “Wall” items – Done!
  • Creating sub-categories for “Furniture” items – Done!
  • Updating the “Decoration Items” menu with every new categories – Done!
  • Updating each deco item (:cry:) to display their new categories in the description
  • Updating each guide on the website to reflect these changes (:cry: again)

Enjoy this update and see you soon for the launch of our new X-Creator contest!


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  1. Clan of Crimson Ivory

    And the multitudes that went before, and that followed, cried, saying, “YES! FINALLY!!” and the multitudes marveled, saying, “It was never so seen in Middle Earth”.

    Sorry, just about had a religious experience there. Been waiting for this for, what, over a decade now? Almost brought a tear to my eye. I know what I’ll be going this coming weekend!


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