A few minor changes are coming to the Farmers Faire and Summer Festival. Though they are small, they still deserve an explanation!

Today is the opening of, not only the Summer Festival, but also the Farmer’s Faire!

Up until now these two events have been separated by several weeks. However, with the coming of the Midsummer Festival (The Great Wedding) this year, they have been put together into one grand event!

You will now have the pleasure of being able to do these two festivals at once.

So how does it all work?

The two events will not change. They will remain exactly the same as before with their respective quests. However, in order to make it easier for people to do the two events at once, the devs have decided to remove the Summer Festival Tokens and keep only those from the Farmers Faire.

As soon as you log in your old Summer tokens will be transformed into Farmers Faire tokens with a transformation ratio of 1 to 3. So if you have 100 Summer Festival tokens now, they will turn into 300 Farmers Faire tokens and those will be added to the number of Farmers Faire tokens you already have.

And of course, all Summer Festival quests will now offer Farmers Faire tokens as rewards at the same ratio of 1:3 (three times as many Farmers Faire token rewards now as Summer Festival token rewards from before). The prices of the old Summer Festival rewards have been changed too.

D&Co du Milieu is already updated to reflect these changes.

You’ll be able to find a new category in the “Location of Items” menu that have both Farmers Faire & Summer Festival rewards.

Nine new decoration items have appeared for this event. 6 are new, and 3 are coming from the Wells of Langflood. You can find them at the Farmers Faire rewards vendor. These items are already on D&Co du Milieu.

Farmers Faire & Summer Festival Decoration Items

Have fun !

D&Co du Milieu



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