Fancy Blue Carpet – Second Style
Fancy Blue Carpet – Second Style

Fancy Blue Carpet – Second Style

Fancy Blue Carpet – Second Style

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“A fancy blue carpet with gold wave details.”

Decoration Slot: Surface (Floor)
Way to obtain: Evendim, The Wardens of Anuminas Reputation (Ally)
Price : 14 Silver Coins
Item :
Unbound – Item cant be traded or sold to other players

Note: Colours cannot be applied to this floor.

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  1. Pointy

    I have this floor (or it might be the other version, I’m not sure) because it looks like carpet. Since the last update, my ‘carpet’ still sounds like carpet when I run on it, but the texture has changed so it looks like someone painted the standard floor tiles of my house with the blue and gold pattern. Is this a known issue, or do you know of anyone else that’s had this?

    1. Oay

      Yes, it’s a known issue (this is related to the addition of “per pixel light” option). You can uncheck that feature in the game option, or wait until a fix ;).


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