Welcome to the Falathlorn Homesteads.

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The Neighborhood:

If you’ve been wanting to get more in touch with your Elven side then you’re in luck. The Celondim & Duillond housing brokers are pleased to introduce to you the Falathlorn Homestead.

Here a peaceful life in a tranquil setting awaits you. The neighborhood is colorful and full of life, and the houses are very well integrated into their surroundings. You may purchase a house directly on the banks of the river or in a more placid location further back in the forest of pink flowering trees.

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The Town Square:

The town square has everything you would expect from such a place. Vendors will meet most of your needs including services for your legendary items. Task boards sit near the entrance of the neighborhood.

If you are looking for artistic inspiration, a quiet place to meditate, or perhaps an out of the way place to take a special person, an open scene with a breathtaking view is available on the heights.


Whether you arrive from Duillond, Celondim, or even from the Shire, access is relatively simple. The neighborhood is on the border of Ered Luin and the Shire.

Key figures:
Each neighborhood contains:

  • 16 standard houses
  • 10 deluxe houses
  • 4 kinship houses
Standard houses:

Interior Hooks: 32
6 Large Wall
Small Wall
3 Large Furniture
Small Furniture
4 Thin Furniture
2 Small Floor
0 Large Floor
1 Ceiling
0 Special Furniture

+ surfaces, colors, music…

Exterior Hooks: 5
Enormous Yard
Huge Yard
Large Yard
Small Yard

Deluxe houses:

Interior Hooks: 74
12 Large Wall
13 Small Wall
9 Large Furniture
19 Small Furniture
10 Thin Furniture
5 Small Floor
1 Large Floor
4 Ceiling
1 Special Furniture

+ surfaces, colors, music…

Exterior Hooks: 7
Enormous Yard
Huge Yard
Large Yard
Small Yard

Kinship houses:

Interior Hooks: 129
30 Large Wall
18 Small Wall
13 Large Furniture
20 Small Furniture
15 Thin Furniture
10 Small Floor
4 Large Floor
6 Ceiling
3 Special Furniture

+ surfaces, colors, music…

Extérior Hooks: 12
1 Enormous Yard
2 Huge Yard
Large Yard
5 Small Yard
1 Ceiling


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