Small-sized Furnitures
Small-sized Furnitures

Here you’ll find small items that can go into a “Furniture” hook.

Note: this category is just here to help you find small(medium)-sized furniture items.

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Basalt Brazier – Very Fancy Post

“–“ Decoration Slot: Furniture or Yard Way to obtain: The Reclaimers of the Mountain-Hold Reputation Barterer (Gundabad) – Kindred Price : 50 Silver Coins of Gundabad Item : Bound to account – Item cannot be traded or sold to other …

Banner of Thrain of the Longbeards (TA 2799)

“–“ Decoration Slot: Yard or Furniture Way to obtain: Haban’Akkâ of Thrain Reputation (Azanulbizar Landscape) Barterer – Friend  Price : 10 Zakaf-Beshek Item : Bound to Account – Item cannot be traded or sold to other players