Here you will find all the decoration items that belong to the ”Ceiling” category.
This hook is unique : it can only host a decoration that falls in the ”Ceiling” category and these decorations cannot be placed elsewhere (unless specified otherwise).

Cluster of Black-Winged Butterflies

“A Cluster of Black-Winged Butterflies.” Decoration Slot: Ceiling or Furniture or Yard Way to obtain: Ambience Furnisher – Rohan or Shire Housing Furnisher Price : 2 Silver 40 Copper Coins Item : Unbound – Item can be traded or sold …

Ceiling Bat

“A fake bat to hang from your ceiling.” Decoration Slot: Ceiling Way to obtain: Harvest Festival (since 2019) Price : 12 Fall Festival Tokens Item : Bound to Account – Item cannot be traded or sold to other players