Here you will find all the decoration items that belong to the ”Yard” category.

A ”Yard” hook can host all the old ‘Small’ and ‘Large’ yard items.

A ”Yard” item can also be placed in an ”Enormous/Huge Yard” hook.

Note : The Bay of Belfalas housing area allows you to benefit from several ”Yard” hooks inside some houses.

In order to keep the search for items easier, you can browse 2 sub-categories based on the actual size of the items:

Replica Ornate Black Sarcophagus

“–“ Decoration Slot: Furniture or Yard Way to obtain: The Reclaimers of the Mountain-Hold Reputation Barterer (Gundabad) – Honoured Price : 60 Silver Coins of Gundabad Item : Bound to account – Item cannot be traded or sold to other …