Deco du Milieu has a new haircut!
Deco du Milieu has a new haircut!

Deco du Milieu has a new haircut!

Deco du Milieu has a new haircut!
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Howdy and welcome to the new version of D&Co du Milieu, the Decorator’s Magazine!

Some of you may already have discovered this on the French website; for the others, you surely noticed some changes while connecting to the website today.

After many hours of work, I am very happy to present this new version of D&Co to you!

But, you may say, why a new version?

Well yes, why a new version, Yao? Well, simply because Yao was tired of the old one!

Believe it or not, I spend a lot of time on this site, and I had gotten a bit sick of the old theme, some aspects of which I could hardly stand.

So I decided this summer to embark on a graphic redesign of the site, which will make visual changes without changing the navigation and ergonomics too much. It was a complicated task, but I am very proud of the final result!

Did you see how this website looked in 2016???!!! Seriously…

Small historical reminder: the previous design of the website dated from version 4, released in March 2018 (which is the only version you English people have seen from the start!). Version 5 included many new features (sharing of addresses, new menu, redesigned home page, etc.) but it didn’t change the basic appearance of D&Co.

So finally, and as I like to number each update properly, I present to you the brand new Version 6!

What’s up Doc?

What’s new in version 6? Well, let’s say it’s kind of like when you step out of the hairdresser: technically your nose, mouth, and face are the same, but you’ve got the latest hairstyle and that changes everything!

Simple changes, new colors, and new effects—now D&Co got a makeover for its next Tinder date…!

In short, the structure of the site remains almost the same, and you should therefore not be too lost on your first visit.

Appearances aside, this version will also allow me to go further and offer you new things (the first one is our new calendar!), but I still have some work to do and it’s not yet time for me to tell you about all this (what a tease!).

Between Tuesday (when the update was bought to the French website) and today, I corrected all the bugs that I found on this new version (hence the switch to version 6.0.1, OFC!).

I therefore invite you to report to me by any means (email, comments, carrier pigeons, registered letters, etc.) any problem or bug you encounter.

And what about you?

Because yes, I care about the happiness of everyone! Please do not hesitate to give me your opinions about the site’s new look. Let me know about the things you like (I’ll be flattered) and the things you dislike.

You liked the old version better? I don’t care! I am the boss here. If you can explain to me why, though, I could surely apply some changes here and there to help you change your mind. 😉

Waiting for your feedback!

D&Co du Milieu

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