D&Co du Milieu 5th Anniversary
D&Co du Milieu 5th Anniversary

D&Co du Milieu 5th Anniversary

D&Co du Milieu 5th Anniversary

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One more year of D&Co du Milieu! It’s the decorator’s birthday…

Five years have passed since August 12, 2016, when I opened the doors of D&Co du Milieu.

Today we blow out a fifth candle for a small website that has come a long way since its creation.

Before thinking about slashing the champagne and thanking the guests, I suggest – as usual – that you take a little tour of the past year and tackle some statistics!

→ Reminder : Our 5th Anniversary Contest is till running !


To celebrate this fifth birthday is also to look back on the 5 contests that took place this year: 2 Housing Week, 1 “Demeure de l’Étrange”, an anniversary contest, and the X-Creator competition.

Next year, these 5 contests will be back in more or less the same order and at the same times.

The Decorator’s Event Schedule is always there to give you an idea of ​​the competitions yet to take place before year’s end.

This will be a year rich in events!


As usual, the site has seen some notable innovations in this past year to better adapt to your needs.

Last November, D&Co got a new haircut with version 6 of the website with a new calendar and a new design.
With version 6.2 in May, I totally reworked how posts were displayed inside archive/category pages so you can browse deco items more easily.
Update 6.3.1 also added a revamp of the Ambient Music display.

Finally, earlier this week, D&Co du Milieu was moved to new shiny servers and I hope you already noticed that the website was running much faster since! As always, I will continue to add things to the website and tweak what is already there in order to give you the best experience!

Discover here the latest updates to the website.


D&Co du Milieu would not be what it is now without its famous decoration database.

Today, the site has logged exactly 1691 decorations, and after five years I finally reached the point where every single item from LotRO is now on D&Co du Milieu.

As usual, I will continue to update this database throughout the coming year, whether by updating old photos or adding information (price, categories, etc….).

Work on the database is never finished!

Discover here the latest updates to the database.


Let’s move on to the numbers!


  • 385 468 visits on D&Co this year (227 000 last year)
  • 77 000 visits in August last year, a new record! (previous was 33 000 in July 2020)

The most visited “News”:

The most viewed decoration items:

My main suppliers* of visitors (French + English):
* 27% of total visits

2020/2021 Contests:

  • 5 contests this year (X-Creator + 2 Housing Week Contests + 1 “Demeures de l’Étrange” + 1 Anniversary Contest)
  • More than 260 participants (190 last year)
  • 16 500 LotRO Points distributed (14 000 last year)
  • 19 Best House trophies distributed this year!
  • 1 War of the Three Peaks Xpac distributed
  • And a dozen of other items (titles, pets, mounts…)!

Thank You!

Finally, I wanted to thank all the people who continue to help this website thrive, including all the visitors, commenters, contest participants, and people who share the work done here. A huge thank you to you all!

Thanks to the entire team at SSG and especially Cordovan, Baccata, Tybur and Scenario for their time, help and support and for the Q&A last week.
Thanks to my “Translation Team”, Rhuangar, Haflith, and Khelsi for their invaluable help in translating complex posts for D&Co.
Finally, thanks to Edward, Kaels and Prunaprismia for accompanying me in judging the various competitions!

Thanks everyone and Happy Birthday to D&Co du Milieu!

→ Reminder : Our 5th Anniversary Contest is till running !

D&Co du Milieu

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  1. Elainos

    Happy Birthday D&Co du Milieu!!! 385 468 visits is one heck of an impressive feat! WOW Cheers for the one and only, absolute best Lotro deco site for the last 5 years, and here’s to the next 5! Well done Yao and his team, WELL DONE!

  2. Irialeth

    Happy 5th anniversary D&co du Milieu! Thank you Yao and the entire team who have made this site possible and for bringing together such an awesome housing community together on Discord!


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