D-Echoes : The Decorator’s Year
D-Echoes : The Decorator’s Year

D-Echoes : The Decorator’s Year

D-Echoes : The Decorator’s Year
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As 2018 draws to a close, let’s take a moment to reflect on the past year and all that has happened here at D&Co du Milieu.

Note: Many thanks to Rhuangar for editing the English version of this article.

It is hard to believe that another whole year has passed here on this site and in LotRO. This will be the very last post of 2018.

As always in December it’s time to take a look at the numbers and data but this year we also have the D&Co Survey to discuss. For those of you who may have missed it, a couple of months ago I conducted a survey where I asked visitors of the site to give their thoughts about D&Co and LotRo Housing.

The Decorator’s Year

Without a doubt, 2018 was a very busy year for D&Co du Milieu with the appearance, in March, of the English version of the website.

I won’t drown everyone in all the numbers but here are some basics:

  • 103,000 visits this year, up 57% from 2017. A new record !
  • 47,000 hits on the French website (+10%) and 56,000 on the English version
  • 15,855 visits this month (also a new record) !!

The competitions this year were very successful. In short, it’s been a wonderful year for D&Co du Milieu thanks to you!

D&Co Survey

In November I conducted a survey to try and find out more about your needs on this website and also about what you think about Housing in LotRO. I received more than 450 responses and the information I was able to glean from them was very interesting.

The first part of the survey concerned the functioning of this website. I have already discussed this part in a previous post but many things have been updated since then. Here is a (non-exhaustive) list of a few of the changes :

  • Improved website speed
  • Improved mobile website
  • New menu
  • New screenshots for old decoration items
  • New Search functions

These improvements have been made thanks to your feedback ! 

The second part of the survey covered general questions about LotRO Housing. Here are your thoughts :

  • 10% of respondents do not like LotRO Housing
  • 44% own between 2 and 4 homes
  • More than 38% own more than 5 houses
  • 19% own more than 10 !!
  • 59% of you have at least one home in Belfalas (that’s a lot !!)
  • More than 22% of the respondents own several house on the Cape of Belfalas
  • 40% of respondents want Housing in Rohan
  • 17% want Housing in Lothlorien
  • In terms of decorations that you want to see more of in-game, the percentages are :
    • Dwarf (41%)
    • Elvish (26%)
  • For the question of « Do you craft at home ? »
    • 52% of you do so more or less regularly
    • 28% of you would like to do so but do not have the required items

Some more data for those of you who are interested…

Here are the things you would most like to see changed or improved in the LotRO Housing system :

  • More hooks ! (by far the #1 desire for most people)
  • More freedom, i.e. greater ability to move items from their hooks
  • The ability to add/modify doors and windows
  • The ability to change the color of items with dyes
  • The ability to purchase several classic houses in accordance with the number of characters on the account
  • Better access to housing : stables to get there and away

So it appears from the responses that the system of Housing in LotRO is good overall but that it can be greatly improved by adding small touches here and there.

Importantly, I am very pleased to inform you that this data will not lie unused and unseen by anyone except our community here at D&Co du Milieu.

I sent the results of the questionnaire to developers and a response in the form of a « Q&A » will be made some time in early 2019 !

2019 Roadmap

The path forward in terms of the next year will remain similar to before with contests, decorations, and tutorials.

Here are some works in progress on the website that will begin or continue throughout 2019:

  • Improved screenshots of old decoration items
  • Addition of videos for all animated decoration items
  • Addition of overviews of the various colors for the surfaces (walls / floors) of the game

Soon(ish) :

  • Addition of music housing items to the database
  • Creation of an intro guide to Housing in LotRO
  • Various other things that are in the works and that will come out when I have some time 😉

So it’s over for 2018 on D&Co!

Thank you to all of you who make this website a lively community for those who love to decorate in LotRO. And also thank you to the people who give me a hand on occasion !

Happy end of the year to all, and see you in 2019 for new adventures on D&Co du Milieu!

D&Co du Milieu


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