Contest : The X-Creator
Contest : The X-Creator

Contest : The X-Creator

Contest : The X-Creator

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A new contest awaits you, created especially for the discerning decorators!

4/04 Update : 
You now have one more week to try to participate to the contest. Entries will be taken into account until Sunday 15 April at 23:59. The voting week will take place in the aftermath (April 16 to 22). The dates below have been changed. 
Thank you all!

X-Creator’s competition opens today. But then, what is it? Who is this famous ‘X-Creator ‘?

X-Creator has only one mission (should you choose to accept it) and it will be yours.
The goal is simple and hold in one sentence: Create, invent a decoration with only 10 decoration items, and not one more!

So, do you think you deserve the “X-Creator” title ?


Now, and through Sunday, April 15 (11:59 pm), take part and send me your screenshots (participation form at the bottom).
On Monday, April 16th, I will publish the 20 most beautiful creations, chosen in good conscience.
From 4/16 through 4/22 (11:59pm), you will have the chance to rate them and tell us your favourite
On Monday, April 23, the results of your votes, mixed with those of the jury gathered for the occasion, will be announced with the name of the person deserving the title of “creator X”.

General rules
– 10 decoration items, and not one more! Beware, I’m watching you…
– Surfaces (walls and floors) and their different colors are not taken into account.

How to participate/ rules concerning screenshots
The participation form (below) will allow you to send me 4 screenshots (minimum required) of your creation.
Screenshot 1: A front view of your creation
Screenshots 2 and 3: views on both sides
Screenshots 4: A view from behind (or above, if impossible)
– Your creation must be able to fit on one (and only 1!) screenshot.
– You have the possibility to add a 5th screenshot, for the pleasure of the eyes, for a better angle, or to put your character on stage in the middle of your masterpiece.
Important: If it is not possible to follow the rules of the first 4 screenshots (no ways to take a picture on the right, left, etc), thank you for trying and send me 4 different angles instead. Tell yourself that I must be able to recreate your decoration, just by seeing your screenshots.

Note: Please, screenshots in full-screen (“F12” key). Feel free to comment if you have any questions or concerns about this.
The place chosen for your creation must be previously emptied of any other decoration! I must insist…

The X-Creator  (The one with the best average score) wins 1 500 LotRO Points.
From the second to the fourth place, 500 LotRO Points are waiting for you.
Finally, 1 000 LotRO Points will be reserved for The Jury Prize.

Rules on voting and composition of the jury will be unveiled on Monday, April 9th, the day of my final selection.

What should I create?
That is completely up to you! Just make sure your 10 Decorations fit on one single screenshot
It can be a dining area, a room, a living room, a kitchen, a collection, or a bathroom, what do I know! Creativity has no limit and it is up to you to see what you could do with 10 decoration items correctly assembled.

Here are some ideas/tips:

  • The luxury inhabitants of the Cap of Belfalas can enjoy their indoor garden to slide some interior decos! (a Party Tree replica?)
  • Inspire yourself with things that are already in-game: Why not trying to recreate a part of Meduseld’s great Golden Hall ? Tapestries, banquet tables, available decoration items allows you to get close to this.
  • Create your own decoration: if you do not want to create an entire room, why not trying to reproduce the throne of Gondor or any other “great monument” of the game?
  • So let’s go, imagine, create! If you have any questions, please use the comment form below!

My thanks to Fibro for helping me with the translation of this article.

Participation Form / CLOSED

Good luck,
~ Yao
D&Co du Milieu

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