A new contest inside the “Demeure de l’Étrange”.

I have the pleasure to present to you today the 6th edition of the « Demeure de l’Étrange » (House of Curiosities) contest!

Reminder – « Demeure de l’Étrange » : what is it ?

In this contest you will run through a very unusual house which has been transformed into a gigantic playground. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, will be to find the hidden Treasure Chests, « Roar ! » signs & 3 special platforms in the yard.
I must warn you, it will not be easy! It will be like running through a Super Mario Bros game where you use patience and precision to jump from platform to platform.

New in this edition:

The house used for this contest was completely remodeled over the last month. The “Demeure de l’Étrange” is already open and you now can meet the many challenges this house contains.

The yard has been remodeled and you’ll have to find the ways to reach the 3 special platforms in that messy place.

Inside the house, knowing how to jump is essential. You will have to thwart the this strange house’s many traps and climb as high as you can to find the 9 Treasure Chests. You will also have to keep your eyes open to find the 8 “Roar! Signs” hidden amongst the scenery.

You now know what to look for, so good luck!



♦ What do you need to find in the house ?

  • 3 Special Platforms(*) in the yard
  • 9 Treasure Chests
  • 8 “Roar! Signs”.

♦ Address 

Server: Sirannon
2 Silver Street, Adarbel (Belfalas)

♦ Dates:

From 6/29 to 7/19:
Draw will be made on Monday 20th with participation received until Sunday 19th 11:59 pm (EDT).

♦ Rewards
A draw will be made on the full entries.

  • Draw 1 to 6 : 500 LotRO Points Codes


New in this edition – Special Yard Platforms 

The house’s yard is once again in play. For this edition, your participation must include the following three screenshots in order to be validated.

You will have to reach (like my character) the following 3 platforms:

Note: I do not require you submit screenshots identical to mine, just that your character is on the same platforms as those shown above. The standard rules regarding screenshots also apply.

Please DO NOT :

  • Send multiple entries
    (For instance : do not send me 3 chests found on Monday, 2 on Tuesday, 9 on Saturday, etc… Only one entry per person allowed)
  • Send an entry with several names on the screenshots.
    (I don’t want to see a hobbit in the first screenshot and a dwarf in the second !!)

Screenshots Rules

How to take a screenshot?
Simply press the “Print Screen” key on your keyboard once in game. The photo will go directly to the My Documents -> The Lord Of The Rings Online folder. Then drag them into your participation form.

Accepted screenshots
The ideal screenshot:

A photo of your character within one meter of the chest/sign, with the bubble of your character on the screen and the mini-map which can be seen.
Some chests/signs made it difficult to take pictures, so use the “*” key to switch to subjective view.
Needed on the screenshot: the chest/sign, morale bar of your character with the name on it, the mini-map .

The rejected Screenshots

All screenshots must include the game information (character name and minimap).
To « reach a chest / Roar! Sign » means your character must be on the same platform as the chest/sign (less than a meter away). Any further and the shot will be refused.
Remember, your character must be able to « touch » the chest/sign with his or her own hands….

Good luck everyone and have fun !

=> Participation Form <=

D&Co du Milieu


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