Contest : Housing Week in Middle-Earth #12
Contest : Housing Week in Middle-Earth #12

Contest : Housing Week in Middle-Earth #12

Contest : Housing Week in Middle-Earth #12

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Introducing D&Co’s 12th Housing Week in Middle-Earth contest!

It has been a long time since we walked together through the personal houses of Eriador, hasn’t it?

Last time we had the opportunity to dedicate a Housing Week contest for Kinship Houses. Now, it’s time to go back to our classic schedule and see what you can do with your personal houses of Eriador!

I am therefore happy to announce the beginning of Housing Week in Middle Earth #12: Personal Houses of Eriador!

Reminder – Housing Week in Middle Earth ?! What is it ?

Housing Week in Middle Earth is a contest in which participants get the chance to win some cool prizes by showing off their expertly decorated houses in LOTRO. We have already had 11 very successful Housing Weeks since the creation of D&Co du Milieu.

Players on all servers are welcome ! Enter the contest by showing us your beautiful house !

Housing Week in Middle-Earth #12

The last Housing Week contest was held for Kinship houses only. This time around we will focus on Personal Houses of Eriador only.

Feel free to include any personal house of your choice located in the classic (Bree, Thorin’s, Falathlorn, Shire) neighborhoods.

Note : our next Housing Week Contest will be dedicated to premium personal houses (Belfalas, Rohan, Erebor).

The course of the contest:

Entries will be recieved until January 9th through the contact form.
In the days that follow, I will visit every house that was entered and I will select 15 which will then be posted for public and jury voting during Housing Week in Middle-Earth.

All you need to know:


Participations – Now through Sunday, January 9th at 11:59pm (EST UTC-5)

Fill out the form at the bottom before the deadline and try to be one of the 15 personal houses of Eriador selected for this contest.

Selection: Friday, January 21st

The selection of 15 houses and all associated photos will be posted in the morning.

Visits and votes: from January 21st through January 30th at 11:59pm

You will then have more than a week to visit, enjoy, and rate them !


Depending on my schedule and the amount of information to be processed, the results of this competition will be published in the days following the end of the voting period.

Rules, Votes, Jury, Rewards:

Personal Houses of Eriador (only!)

This time, it is the personal houses of Eriador (Bree, Thorin’s, Falathlorn, Shire) that I want! No other houses, please :).
Premium and kinship houses are not welcome.


A form for voting will be available online on January 21st.
Only one vote per person, cheating is still not tolerated.
The house with the best average score wins.


More info to come when we’ll have our Final Fifteens.

The Jury Prize

Yards will be rewarded ! The jury will reward the most beautiful garden among the 15 selected houses. Can’t wait to see what you’ll be able to do since Yard Hooks consolidation.

Jury prize does not mean that only yards will be rewarded. This is just an addition to the classic votes.


Rewards will be detailed once we get our Final Fifteen. Expect some LotRO Points, Best House Trophies, and a few other things!


I wish you the best of luck for this new edition of Housing Week in Middle Earth !

May the most beautiful house win 🙂

>> Participation Form – Closed <<

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  1. Edelanor

    Having decorated and entered my house, I’d like to suggest offering Housing Decoration Carry-alls as prizes. Not only are they not available in the store, but they would be mighty useful for some contestants at this point.

    Thank you for your helpful site and fun contest 🙂


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